Friday, September 11, 2009

A night for star gazing, kiln unloading and more moonflowers

I unloaded the latest batch of test last night around 10 pm.
As I went out I saw the sky was full of stars.
It was one of those clear nights you get in September.
The stars were enough to draw me back outside after unloading the test.

I took the test inside the house and Mark and I went over them all and then I said ,"you have to come out with me."

He was not interested as he was reading a book. so I grabbed a lawn chair and went myself.

As I sat out there watching the night sky, I heard the door open and Mark come out.

We walked further away from the house and enjoyed some time taking in the stars.
Beautiful- sigh.
Food for the soul.
I was happy with the last results and I promise pictures.
This last test I used white slip with some color slips on top.
Good melt again with Meyers and Younger glazes.
Little melt on another cone 6 I stuck in for one more try.
So I need to line up all my tiles for a photo shoot.

I know you "need" one more picture of moon flower!
Just humor me, there were 20 one last night!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

looking pretty gorgeous, eh?

Linda Starr said...

ok, I'll humor you, nice to see the vine and glad you're making progress with your clear. said...

I LOVE moonflowers. We always had them by the back door at my mom's house. I should plant some.......
let's see I'll just add that to my list :)

Shortstuff said...

Sounds like a magical night. Love the moonflowers. Post all you want to. I love looking at them...even virtually.