Friday, September 11, 2009

Clear results

I want to thank Mike for his information on the commits page.
From Mike:
"A year or so ago I wrote a free website to allow people to store recipes and calculate the unity formula for your glazes. The site is, you can post your recipes. Here is the info on the glaze you posted as an example:http://"

If you have not taken a look do so.

Not much here but the results.

The winner to date- Ron Myers.

The younger Kate cone 6

This is the shiny White out of an old ceramics monthly- 1982

Time to check the garden, fix some food and later check out the night sky and the

moon flowers!


Vicki Gill, potter said...

This is a Clear recipe we used at Gaston College years ago and I still use. My notes said it has a range of Cone 4 to 10, oxidation or reduction. I have used it at Cone 5 to 8 in oxidation.
Gertsley Borate 21
Wollastonite 8
Neph Sy 30
Kaolin 10
Silica 31

Good luck!

Shortstuff said...

I like the top two sections of tiles. The bottom ones look muddy.

Linda Starr said...

I need to take time to click on each one to see the results, (in person would be best) what a lot of work, but love all your test tiles - moonflowers too.

Anonymous said...

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