Monday, September 14, 2009

The weather

How can we stay inside when the weather calls you outside?
It is not often we get such wonderful weather here.
We get cold and we get hot, but we don't get these great mild early am sweater to late afternoon warm and evenings cool that often.
At least not for days.
Much less a week!
It makes my mind wander.
So we are firing bisque kilns and storing pots for a gas fire.
I'll get back with those cone 6 test glazes after we fire a gas load.
Meanwhile--- I hope your weather is as wonderful as ours.


Annapants! said...

I pine for some time at the farm!!!

Shortstuff said...

Those are beeeyouteeful fleurs. I'm pining just like AJ. hugs, les

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

perfecto here!

Linda Starr said...

Beautiful sunflowers. We were in the 70s today, first time since last April, what a reprieve.