Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cream and sugar?

Yesterday as I was making Cream and sugar sets I was thinking, there I go thinking again, about how some items just stand the test of time.
How many items come and go. Honey pots? do people still make Honey pots?
They use to be top on the list, yet, I can not tell you the last time I made a jar for honey.

But, cream and sugars are still on the list.
I do enjoy making them and then lining them all up to see which dance partner will go with the jar.
Are you too tall or too wide to make the cut?
This is one of the few items I sell as a set.
Oh, sure you can twist my arm and I will break up the pair, but I prefer not to.
I like sending them off together and I always hope they are used.
I use to use a sugar jar in my kitchen for salt.
Then once a visiting friend keep asking her two year old why he was spitting out his cereal.
Whoops, that was the salt jar!
I switched jars and keep the salt by the stove now in a different jar I started making a few years back. A great suggestion from my daughter.

I enjoy making this jar because no two are alike. I can have a bit of fun with them and go off in any direction the shape calls for.

Of course you can use these jars for anything.

Jars are so useful because they hold things.

What goes in a jar?

Anything you can think of including your imagination.


Laurie/AbelaBodycare said...

Hmmmm... got me imagining all I could do with one of these gorgeous jars.

AMW said...

Oooh... I was just thinking this week about a salt jar. And those are GREAT!


Linda Starr said...

Beautiful set and love the jar. Years ago folks used to use grease or lard jars, wonder if they use those any more.

Ron said...

Love the salt jars. And the creme and sugar set. I used to make honey pots all the time, but haven't in a while. Hummm. What's your take on making a tray for the creme and sugar set? I've never been one to go for it, but you do see it a lot.

cindy shake said...

I LOVE the Jars! I would put my earrings in a jar like that, or candy kisses, or extra change, or my favorite incense, or fortune cookie fortunes, or... such a wonderful design they can be for all kinds of treasures!

cookingwithgas said...

Hey- thanks all and Ron I do make trays which I sell to some people who like to display the Cream and sugar in a tray or with a teaset.
And Cindy I have to add those to the list of things to put in a jar!
Linda- here they still use bacon grease and lard to cook with and we get folks looking for a jar for that use.
A- you NEED a salt jar!
And L- you do as well!

Michael Kline said...

Those are very nice pots. I can see why you're still making them. Surely your honey pots were as nice? We have a honey pot that we like to use, although I don't really like the pot that much. We get our honey in a quart jar, but I've noticed the honey bear plastic container is pretty tempting! Maybe that could explain why our pottery honey jars are obsolete: you can't squeeze'em. Oh well, I'd better go make some more jugs.....

cookingwithgas said...

Good point MK- Although you have made some pots that I would love to squeeze, being the pot hugger that I am!
Mark says the plastic honey bear killed the honey pot business as well.
But I don't see sugar going away.