Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sundays in the fall

Can you smell the coffee brewing....
You get up and walk out to get the newspaper, cup in hand and settle down to read the paper while sipping hot coffee.

What- no- screech........
It's fall and you no longer take the paper....
You get your news off the Internet, and it's all true....
Where are the funny papers????
What!? No funny papers to hold and recycle as wrapping paper.
Hummmm and you say coffee comes in paper cups while you browse through the Internet at your "local" coffee house.
How is Paris Hilton these days?

Sunday use to be the day of leisure.
A day for PJ's, sipping coffee ( in your favorite handmade mug), long walks, family dinners and naps while the game is on.
But did I say its fall?
In the fall we work 7 days a week., One week just flows into the next week.
Then again I gave up my newspaper and I feel really guilty about that.
The newspaper was my Dad's life and work.

He started every day by reading the newspaper.
He ended his work day by putting the paper "to bed".
While we were snug in our beds, my father was working the grave yard shift proof reading to make sure the paper hit our door and others in the wee hours of the morning, every morning.
So, canceling the newspaper was a gut wrenching decision on my part.
But the newspaper is not the paper of my youth or even what they were 10 to 15 years ago.
I now read an article and think, " I don't care what you think." You are here to report the news not tell us what you think and how to think about the subject."
My father use to tell me his job was to report the news not be the news.

If you have read a newspaper lately you know what I mean.

Or just listen to the news. What do you think Katie?

I personally think you should report the news and let us think.
Well there I go thinking again!
Back to my lazy Sunday.

I have clay waiting and I still want to find the time for a lazy walk and here I am on the Internet... wondering where Paris is these days.
I am so out of the loop.
Maybe I need to get the paper.


Linda Starr said...

You and I are on the same wave length, yeah let us read the news and draw our own impressions. Things in the past are nice to appreciate, how about some home cooking?

cindy shake said...

I realize I'm a dinosaur... I LOVE print, any print. I subscribe to several newspapers from other cities, where my folks live, The Banner on the Cape etc. Sadly our Anchorage Daily News has shrunk down to only one section during the week days but we faithfully subscribe then RECYCLE :o) feel a little better about clinging to the old days -ha! said...

I could fill up your blog with my media rant, but I'll spare you:)
Gerry graduated from Randolph Community College's photojournalism program, went straight to work for the Greensboro News and Record, moved to the Charlotte Observer and now works for the Associated Press. Our house has been a newspaper family for years and years.I grew up with a dad that read "his" paper every evening and so did Gerry. I'm like you, I used to love the Sunday paper, it took me a good part of the morning to read it. Now that Gerry works for the AP, we don't get a paper, and I just get my news from him or NPR. It's sad the path that papers have taken, but I haven't read any good journalism in a long time, the true journalists are going the way of dinosaurs I fear. The worst part is if papers go away completely how will I Raku ?! :) Where did your dad work by the way?

cookingwithgas said...

I do really miss the paper Cindy and Linda- and I do worry where all the News will come from...
Hi Tracey- I joke we were newspaper brats.
My Dad was at the News and Observer ( blues and disturber)
In Raleigh ( where 2 older sibs were born), A small paper in Dunn NC ( produced child number 3)
Then the Charlotte Observer
( where I was born)
The News and record in Greensboro ( produced the youngest and last of the 5 kids).
Then off to the Va. Pilot where he stayed until he retired.
He was a reporter, city editor, night city editor,
Letters to the editor, political page and at one time wrote his own column.
It was an interesting life.
I miss the paper but I miss good reporting more.
There are a few folks I still read and enjoy.

Shortstuff said...

I'm with you, sis. I also miss a good sit down with the printed page in hand, especially the Sunday paper. But, the times they are a changin' and I have to confess I gave up the local rag masquerading as a paper many years ago. It was a gut wrenching decision for me as well, since that's the industry that clothed and housed us for decades. But, the local "newspaper" was such a joke I just could not subscribe any longer in good conscience. My only saving grace is that Dad had read what little there was in it when he and mom visited me when I was in college here (some 30 years ago) and he had declared it a disaster THEN.
There is so much crap that passes for news these days. I can just hear dad saying, "That's not news that's gossip." And he would be right.

Shortstuff said...

Oh, when I do pick up a paper, it's one or both of the two local weeklies. They're both quite good and they have time to give some effort into producing more detailed, insightful reporting.

Jen Mecca said...

I LOVE< LOVE< LOVE sunday mornings with coffee, oatmeal and the paper!