Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday in Whynot

I was asked to be a mentor for a High School student.
I thought about this and it was just too good of a chance to pass up.
I would not only be working with someone in High School, but she is the daughter of my best and longest friends in Seagrove.

This week Allison and I meet to talk about her project.
We decided she would take two of her designs and interpret them into clay tiles.

The first one she did was cut to 7.7 inches.

The second to be 4 -4x4's.

Thursday we rolled clay to cut for tiles.

Then Allison set to work to draw out her designs to fit her tiles.
First on paper and then on plastic.

Today she used her plastic templates to transfer her design to the clay.
I gave her some carving tools and about a ten second explanation of how to use them and she was off!
I was amazed at her confidence with the clay and the tools.
After carving today- we have them wrapped up tight to dry slowly.

She will be back next week and I will keep you posted on how they come out.

Meanwhile; pots are in the finally stages of drying.... more bisque coming up and then glaze, glaze, glaze!


Shortstuff said...

Very cool. I hope it will be a rewarding experience for both of you. said...

Looking at these teapots has me thinking I will go up and smash mine:)
Very nice. I am liking that brush work too! High school kids are so much fun aren't they?

cindy shake said...

Congratulations Meredith! I also have been a Mentor with the Anchorage School District for years. The students always teach me a thing or two! It can be a lot of work but rewarding. Some of my "matches" have been better than others but if I've inspired just one student to want to pursue a career in Art or go to college then I've done my job :o) Beautiful ware drying on the shelf/cart!!

Linda Starr said...

Your pots are looking so beautiful, love seeing them lined up. What a great thing to be a mentor looking forward to see her work too.

Anonymous said...

lovely pots drying in the last photo... i'm envious of your experience witht allison, i love to see kids excited about working with their hands, and specifically with clay, should be fun for you too i'm guessing

Barbara said...

and her design is beautiful. I look forward to following her progress. So fun to work with kids who are serious and enthusiastic about learning.