Friday, October 30, 2009

A Star in Star

Last night Beverly and I went over to Starworks for their annual meeting.
The parking lots were full and the building was filling up quickly with a real mix of people, artist, locals and politicians.
When you take an old mill building and add an awry of things to do and things to be done you can get a bit of attention if you do it right and do a good job.

The building is now home to a clay operation, a full blown ( no pun intended) glass studio a heat and air business and others.

The folks from Wet Dog studio ended up here after losing everything during Katerina. They build top notch glass studios which are shipped all over the nation. They are in the mist of their high school program of teaching high school students to make glass. The first program like in it anywhere.

The clay operation STARceramics has now developed one salt/wood body and two cone 6 bodies. They carry supplies for potters who can just pop over to pick them up.

Then there is the gardens, Starworks gardens, which have been built and we are a member of their CSA. We get a vegetable share weekly from them. We never know what will be in the share, but it is always something yummy with a surprise or two thrown in.

The latest endeavor is the Biofuels operation

But who is behind all this?
Someone has to care enough to take on the challenge.
They need to think outside the box.
They need long range vision when all around them say , " It can not be done!"
And that would be long time friend and person of many hats; Nancy Gottovi.
So Nancy can I say, "Job well done!"
The food, spirits, networking and people is great and wonderful.
Hat's off- take a bow and give yourself the reward of knowing things are working.


Anonymous said...

sounds great, especially the gardens arm... we're gonna be needing a whole lot more of those in the near future. go nancy go

cindy shake said...

Wow, you said it Meredith -good on Nancy! I've read about Wet Dog Studios. There is a lot of good work coming out to Starworks. Isn't it inspiring to be a part of all that energy and goodness?!

chicken pusher said...

You are too kind Meredith. I wish I could say I do everything here but in reality there's an amazing group of folks working and volunteering to make all this happen. They're the ones who deserve the credit.

Thanks for coming out last night - we'll continue to have fun. I'm working on the microbrewery cooperative!

Barbara said...

What a great community resource. There is a lot going on. And hurray for small, local "farms" and people like you who support them.