Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

The day after filling your self with food people go shopping.
And you know what I mean, they go shopping at 4 am!
I am, for one,am not much of a shopper.
I never have been.
I just don't shop unless I need something.
And even then I would rather buy books or art.
I use to go out as a teen for clothes and come back with a book.
It made sense to me.
So going out with the masses to shop on black Friday!?
No, I will be right here with the pottery shop open.
We hope to see some of those like minded folks who are not big box or mall shoppers.

On another note we had hoped to spend thanksgiving with our daughter and her husband.
A case of the crud kept them home.
We were taken in by our friends David and Nancy for a wonderful afternoon of Turkey Frying and lots of good food and conversation.
I have never had fried turkey.
It was pretty darn good.

The Turkey Master- Adam

I took some shots of David's new kiln he is building.
I would love to give you all the low down on the kiln but rather then show my ignorance on the subject I will just post pictures in hopes you will find your way to one of his kiln openings and then you can ask all the questions I failed to ask.

4 comments: said...

Wesley is just like you, every time I take her shopping for clothes we come home with books, no clothes! We aren't much for the mall, I think that is when we have vertigo attacks. All those clothing racks makes my head spin. However, my nephew is a big shopper and we love him and he loves going to the mall after Thanksgiving, so we have sort of made it a tradition these past few years to take him. We put on our happy hats and brave the crowds. We end up acting crazy and making the best of it all and have a great time. We buy books and music :) Hope your daughter and her hubby are well soon.


Meredith, I'm like you and usually try to give handmade gifts for Christmas. I hate shopping! The crowds are terrible and people are rude - just sets me off on the wrong foot for the holidays.

As a sidenote, I have kiln lust just looking at those photos. Probably giving me dangerous ideas.

Wine and turkey look lovely!

cindy shake said...

Whew! There are others who do not partake in the 4am rush to buy a bunch of cr@p we don't need -haha!! I am however going to drive in to town tomorrow and see the Museum Craft Weekend artists fair/show/sale ;o)

What a kiln!! Are those called Anagama kilns (sp?)?? I have been "watching" the building of the Studio Touya kiln! pretty amazing.

Linda Starr said...

happy holidays, what a great looking fried turkey and a beautiful kiln.