Sunday, November 29, 2009

The only thing spinning should be the wheel.

The only thing spinning in a pottery shop should be a wheel and not the potter.
After a tad of vertigo on Wednesday and not so much on Thursday and Friday I thought it was just passing through.
Boy was I wrong.
I awoke in the wee hours of the morning to a whirl wind of spinning.
After bouncing my way to the living room and finding a chair I proceeded to try to figure out why the vertigo was back and 100 times worse then it had been.
No answer.
I spent most of yesterday trying to find center.
If I sit just so and hold my head I don't spin.
If I lie with three pillows on my left side , not too bad.
If I walk upright and try to look at anything it puts me in a tailspin.
Fortunately I was not alone yesterday and Mark waited on me between the customers.
Today after a trip to the "Doc in the box" where they looked into the ears and found no infection, no real reason for my inability to walk or do anything. They sent me home with meds to counter the nausea.
I just have to wait for this to pass.
So I am staring at my rug in the living room and planning on some new tiles.
After all I can't just will this thing away.
It's a bit of an out of body experience.
As Mark drove us to the, "Doc in the box ,my thoughts of the outside world were ones I have felt after a long snow or illness.
The world looks new and crisp yet I don't feel a part of it.
So I plan to see if I can will myself back to center so I can get back in the studio.
Thinking of tiles.


Shortstuff said...

Hey, Sorry to hear your world is spinning. Hope you're better soon. love you. les said...

Boy, the timing on this sucks doesn't it! Let me know if I can do anything to help out. Feel better soon!

Michael Mahan said...

Hope it passes and moves on.

Judy Shreve said...

Sure hope everything stops spinning soon. I have a friend here who experiences bouts of vertigo too - she's working with a dr. now who has totally changed her diet & it's helped her quite a lot. What an odd sensation -- feel better!

T.Gray said...


Peachy said...

Hey Meredeth- Les just sent me your link. I have had repeated bouts of vertigo, in addition to being trained in skills to treat it! I strongly recommend assessment by a PT skilled with positional treatments for the inner ear. Really could be some specific maneuvers to correct the problem. If that is appropriate, then dietary measures are not as likely to be helpful. (Fun websearches are for BPPV.)In the meantime, best to only partially recline, plus focus on vertical lines such as doorframes, etc whenever you start swimming. I usually take decongestants and ibuprofen, since allergies are my trigger. There are many causes and wouldn't want you to have prolonged symptoms, so best to see your doc. Hope you are feeling better soon! Pat (Les' friend)

cookingwithgas said...

Thanks for all the well wishes.
I have been thinking of things such as dietor mold which could be something which set off this attack.
I have small bouts at times but nothing to compare with this one.
The last time this slapped me down this hard was over 25 years ago.
So I keep thinking of changes I have made in the past week or so which may have brought this on.
Antivert, I was using that yesterday and it got me through the day, almost.
Today it is a very low does of valium.
Mother's little helper.
Maybe then you just don't care if you are loopy!
Thanks peachy- I plan to try some of your advice.

Patricia Griffin said...

Hi! Hope you're feeling better. I have another friend who is suffering from verdigo. His doc has him going to PT and the exercises are helping. Hope things look up (or maybe center?) soon!

Linda Starr said...

Hope your vertigo goes away quickly. those tiles are really wonderful, I love the deep carving. Have you used any of your own tiles in your home? They are just super.

Anonymous said...

wow, vertigo, what a drag... i hope it goes away soon, must be terrible to not be able to do anything. lovely tiles in the pic though. i'm with you in the previous post too, i think you have to be crazy to go shopping the day after thanksgiving... hate shopping myself


A "doc in a box" has missed an inner ear infection on me enough times that I now insist they check again if I know my symptoms mean I have one. Some people have a tendency to ear infections, but they aren't always obvious to someone who doesn't know what an inner ear infection looks like. Maybe you should see a doc that doesn't come in a box? Hope you feel better soon!

cookingwithgas said...

Hey Julia, I plan to go see my regular GP this week.
I know what you mean about something being missed. The Doc is one of the regular Doc in town so I felt pretty good about her.
I admit I am not back yet- but compared to Saturday- much better.
Linda- we have used some of our tiles, but just as accents.
we have two places in the house we plan to make some tiles for.
Maybe this is the year.
Jim- welcome back!

Barbara said...

Sure hope your spinning slows to the rate of the rest of the world soon. What a weird feeling it must be to wake up to a spinning room.

The title of your post is so appropriate, as is, conversely, the picture of the beautiful and square tiles.