Thursday, November 5, 2009

Is it just me?

In today's paper:
Dog with runner still attached
call to identify.

Jumbo Shrimp
with purchase.


Laurie said...

Ha! There are laughs in lots of places, once we start looking!

Linda Starr said...

free jumbo dog with shrimp runner purchase

cindy shake said...

HAHAHA! I used to love it when David Letterman would show fun ads and people's gaff's on his show!
You've inspired me to pull out my file of all the ways my name has been misspelled on bills, letters etc. I was thinking it would make a fun Blog post. There are some silly ones!

Shortstuff said...

If you make the purchase can I have the free shrimp?

Anonymous said...

it is definitely no just you... it's just you and me maybe. when the shrimp are gone what will we get with purchase?