Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pinch me, it's November!

Rode wet and put up hard.
Run over by a Mac Truck.
Dog tired.

Pick any of the expressions above and you will know how the time change, quick trip to VA. and right back to work have me feeling today.

Hit by a ton of bricks.

Too many nights up past my bedtime.
But- today is a new day and after dreaming about trying to get somewhere over and over we are heading back into the studio to glaze the mountain of pots.

We did get a good start the last two days and we are both excited about unloading the bisque with the variety of vases that Mark decorated.
I want to get as many as possible in this firing.
Making something new is always exciting.
Yet- putting it through all the stages is nerve wracking.
Will this work- but what if we did this.
Have you tried this- I wonder if........

Meanwhile sweet Allison was here yesterday to clean up her tiles and put some lines in the back to make them easier to set later.
Now it's all in the drying.
I like the slow method for tiles. Long and slow.
So back under the plastic.
Yesterday she hung out to watch us glaze and ask questions.
It is interested to see what you do through someone else.
We just go on automatic pilot and glaze.
Zipping through the production line but slow waltzing through the one of a kind works.
I find glazing one of the hardest things to teach.
Keep the glaze stirred, all the time, hold the pot in this glaze to the count of 3, but that one to the count of 6 and that one just in and out.
Don't over think it but don't under think it as well.

Other news in and around Seagrove.

Everyone here is gearing up for the Celebration of Seagrove Potters. The Friday night Gala is selling tickets and getting great response. We have our booth number and somehow picked the same number as last year.

B-12. We are on vitamin row.

We won't be hard to find if you remember where we were last year.

The building has some changes which will allow folks to stand inside to check in. Come on in out of the cold.

Also the NCPC's last fund raiser, "Craft in America", after expense was just over 20K.The house party which raised the most money was the one here in Seagrove.
The potters could buy a membership for 20.00 that night, but many went beyond the call and added money to their membership.
As I looked over the list of house parties and donors, again I am stuck by how supportive the potters are.

We don't make a ton of money and times are tight, but they reached in again and gave.
Thanks to all who attended a party to support the center.
I am off to climb that mountain of pots.


4 comments: said...

You could come and join Wesley in the run over by a truck syndrome. She found out yesterday she has Mono and is a poor tired baby. She could totally sympathize with how you are feeling! I'll keep my fingers crossed for a good firing for you.

cookingwithgas said...

HI TB- give wesley my best!
I hope she is better soon!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

climb a mountain of pots, har!

cindy shake said...

such good news about the fundraiser! helps keep my spirits positive that what we know to be true -