Thursday, November 19, 2009

Say three hail Mary's or confession time.

I fully expected you all to call me on this.
But seems I had to give some extra hits to get someone to pick it out.

So go back and take a look in the kiln.

There is someone, from Penland, there- another hint, who is sitting in our kiln with our pots.

We hope that someone sees it- we are holding this pot hostage until he picks one from our shop.

I will post more pictures later, but my list today for the show is long.

I am packing up and heading for set up at." The Celebration of Seagrove Potters."



Gary's third pottery blog said...

those teapots kick AZZ

cindy shake said...

Is it Michael Kline's on the upper right?? If anything goes unclaimed you can mail it North to me! What wonderful color and TEXTURE on the teapots.

Linda Starr said...

looks like Michael Kline to me to, love the teapots, happy packing. said...

I saw that, but I thought ya'll might be ripping off Michael with your new brush work so I didn't want to say anything!! :) haha! What's up?
Firing looks yummy by the way.

Joe and Christy said...

good luck at the show!

cookingwithgas said...

Set up is done- just a few touches to add.
Thanks for playing on the Kline pot.
WE picked up this piece when we were in Penland at MK's place.
He will come pick a piece from us one day soon.
I'll post some pictures of the show.

Polish Pottery said...

wonderful tea pots, I would love to have one at home

Barbara said...

Good luck with the show! It would be worth waking up in the cold mornings to hot tea from a teapot like those.