Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Evening

It's all about the finish line isn't it?
As potters we work most of the time alone.
It's just us and what we do.
Here I have Mark to keep me company in the studio but some days we don't talk we just work.
Other days might be taken up by all those little things that you have to take care of.
The more I make pots the more I realize how valuable my time is when I am on the wheel or slab roller.
There are so many days when your time can be eaten away by the things we need to do to get ready for a show or the life things such as cars, health, yard, grocery shopping, bill paying and family. You know the things that get you through life.
For me there is more to the show then just selling pots. It is a time when you get to connect with your customer. I was very lucky this time. I had not one but two sisters who came out to help me.
We left Mark home to keep our shop open while my sisters went with me.
Having them both there allowed me to not only sell pots, but talk to the customers who had questions or greet the customers who have become our extended family.
For me it's a bit like "home week."
I get to see a good deal of my regular customers and meet some new ones.
And isn't that why we do what we do?
It's all about that connection between us, the customer and our work.
So- time to relax before Monday rolls in and I have to start all over again.


Shortstuff said...

It was SO MUCH FUN!!! Thanks for letting me come down and get in your way. I had a blast. Love you. Les

Linda Starr said...

hope you had a great show, rest up I am sure it was exhausing, so nice to have your sisters help.

Laurie said...

It was good to see you, & meet your sister. I came home & made a bag last night...with pockets :o)


I actually quit selling my work on the internet because I missed the one-on-one connection that shows provide. Pottery is about so much more than selling pots. It's a tactile art and can touch peoples lives. More so when they meet the person that made their treasured pieces. I hope I get a chance to someday meet the potter who made my favorite teapot. (hint hint) said...

M. I love your booth set up! The short walls with the lights are perfect, great idea! Hope you sold a lot of those beautiful pots. Sorry I didn't get down, Wes paid for going to school all last week with a bit of a rebound on the Mono and was pretty miserable. I'm out of clay, so I may be making a trip to Star soon so I may see ya :)

cookingwithgas said...

Hi HH- the connection with the customer is truly vital to what we do. And someday I want to come see you and visit my (your) teapot!
Selling on line seems to be best when the person is already familiar with your work.
TB- 2x2 plywood, painted and hinged at the back. The board on top screws down for stability and under the counter lights give great light.
I like this better than the over head lights or the desk style lights, which look messy in my mind. We are going to look at a way to do some light bars at some point.
This booth works for most shows, but we are working on another plan for others.
Or some way to get rid of the tables and table cloths for a better look.
Do stop by when you come for clay.
Best to Wes!

Polish Pottery said...

you are completely right, it is not just selling, personally I don't have a chance to speak with my clients face to face, that's how online business work , good luck!

Patricia Griffin said...

Sounds like you had a great show. That's awesome! I also enjoy talking with customers. In my studio, I'll work most of the week without many people dropping in, but the weekends are full of a stream of people. Unfortunately, many are just looking around, but some are converted into customers. I am finally able to take the "just looking" people in stride and not get anxious or take it personally when they don't buy.