Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Walking into walls

We did have a great show out at the Luck's cannery here in Seagrove.
On Monday we completely cleaned our gallery/store or our wee little Pottery Sale shop.
It is about 12X26.
Some days we feel like the story about Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
Some days it is too big, when stock is low.
Some days is is too small, when stock is high.
and other days it is just right.
But most days I am amazed that we have made a living out of our wee little shop.
It has been good to us.
And- it needed a real shake down.
We are magnets for cobwebs and dust.
We took the whole store apart, dusted and rearranged.
It has that fresh and clean look to it with all the pottery sitting just a Little taller.
Now the down part of the dusting and maybe the season.
I have had vertigo in the past but not for several years.
I usually feel it coming on and do some things to prevent it from going full blown.
Welp- it just snuck up on me and has me loopy.
I rolled over this morning the room spun.
This means getting up and moving very slowly.
I can't turn my head fast or "cut my eyes" at you.
It also means that trip to the store is out today and so is my appointment for a massage...
Sometimes life just bites you.
So here I am at my desk making busy while I see how long this is going to last.
I have had it last for weeks and other times it passes in a day.
Meanwhile, I don't move fast and walk into walls.
It is like being the drunk at the party with no booze.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
I'll be doing mine a little slow........


Linda Starr said...

Beautiful pot, sorry about the vertigo. Gary's dad had it when we were taking care of him and it lasted for three weeks; we took him to the doctor and he said it was the change of pressure and he would get over it, thankfully it didn't last too long as with a 94 year old person with dementia it was had to keep explaining what was wrong over and over again. Hope you get over yours quickly. wonder if some ginger would help? Might be worth a try eating some freshly grated ginger - do you like sushi? They say ginger helps with sea sickness so perhaps it might help you.

So glad you had a great sale, I hate cleaning, my studio used to fill up with spider webs - they snuck in through the window air conditioning unit and the spiders were all attracted to the pots of course, so nice to have it all clean though. Happy Thankgiving to you and your family.

cindy shake said...

Those pots are wonderful! So glad you guys had a GREAT show -whew! Feels good doesn't it?!

I've had vertigo before -it's horrible and always such a shock. I'm convinced I had an inner ear bug which started mine of all places when I was in China doing some work for a was horrible being in a strange city and the water was questionable ( I think I got sick form some shower water getting in my ear) but now it only happens every couple of years... you're right, you feel drunk without the fun and it's impossible to work -especially for us visual artists! Hope you're better soon!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

omigosh, lookit the glaze and texture on this pot! said...

Beautiful pot, glad to hear the show was good. Wes and I get vertigo sometimes, but it doesn't last long. We call is "shifting", because that's what it feels like to us, like we shifted without really moving :)
Feel better!

cookingwithgas said...

Thanks all and I did eat some Ginger- it helped I think- even if it was all in my head-LOL
Yep I hate it and would be terrible to have this while travling-CS
TB- "shifting" I like that .
I need a little shifting...
Better today not quite as loopy.