Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tiles and such

Tiles are in all stages of dry right now.
Allison's tiles are glazed and just waiting for Mark and me to finish up ours so we can fire.
I have done some of the pillow pots, from the nightgown series.
I was inspired by a nightgown which was hanging in my bathroom.
It is electric blue with these wild flowers all over it.
The flower got stuck in my head and needed to go somewhere.
They decided to come out on tiles and these pots to hang on the wall.
People keep asking what they are for.
I tell them just to look at- they have no use.
I think you need some pots that have no real purpose.
Just to add that splash to a room.
Mark had someone ask that other day and his response was, "to make you happy."
Nice- something to brighten the day.

While I am carving on my tiles Mark has picked up the brushes.
He had planned to carve the tiles below, but after laying down some red slip on the white clay body this is what came out.
How could you not like this?
It made me smile and think of how different we approach the tiles.
Me, I am all over them covering and carving.
I have plans for bright glaze.
Mark he takes his brush and with some well placed strokes......
Well- these tiles should make someone happy.

Allison's.......just waiting

I'll post some of the tiles finished but it is December.
Things move a lot slower here then other months.
A note on the white clay.
Linda Starr, the soon to be traveling potter, living in an RV and getting ready to hit the blue highways and visit potters all over the USA, asked about colors on the two clay bodies.
The glaze colors are completely different.
The iron in the red body adds color to the glazes, where the white body does not interfere with the true color of the glaze.
For different reasons I like both.
I will do some side by sides of the colors after I fire again.
I told you it's December- things slow to a crawl in December.
Visions of sugarplums and all that stuff.

8 comments: said...

So right, I feel like nothing I make really has a use, it just makes me happy to make it and look at it. Well said, Mark! Looking forward to seeing the tiles, I'm still on the white clay quest so it will be nice to see them.

Shortstuff said...

Good Sunday morning. It's wet and slick out here, how about you? Love the tiles. Allison's tiles are looking really good. You can tell she took her time. Can't wait to see the finished product. I think Mark's simple strokes look like some of the artwork from the 50's. Retro-chic. Oh, also LOVE "The Nightgown Series". LOL you should post a sign on those. Maybe it'll make people realize that art is everywhere, you just have to be looking with the right frame of mind. hugs, les

Anonymous said...

what would be a better use than to brighten someone's day? lot's of great tile action there, i like allison's low carving technique

Linda Starr said...

Beautiful tiles, love Mark's brush strokes, they are so beautiful. I need to remember Mark's response.

Thanks so much for answering my questions. Not having used oxidation firing I was curious about what glazes would look like on different colored clay bodies. side by side photos would be great.

Just got a new water pump on our RV (to pump our drinking water on board) and I think that may be the last of the things we need to get done before we leave. We are now dreaming of warm weather in Texas and Florida due to all the cold everyone is experiencing all over the country including here.

Can't wait to see how all your beautiful tiles come out.

Linda Starr said...

I just came back to look at your nightgown tiles, they are so wonderful and what a lot of work they look to be. Would you post a finished tile photo alongside a photo of the nightgown, what a great marketing photo that would be - Ha - my poor little brain never rests.

Barbara said...

A deconstructed nightgown! Love how all the pillow pots look together with their playful designs, each a little different. I would like to see a collection of them hanging together on a wall.

Annapants! said...

I love Dad's tiles! And yours, of course!

Patricia Griffin said...

Love the pillow pots! (Sorry for the late entry here... We finally have our Internet back and I'm catching up!)