Friday, December 11, 2009

Star clays

We have both been indulging ourselves in some tile work.
I have a fondness for Highwater Red Stone, which is my favorite to make tiles with.
I like the earthiness of the warm red color, even though later I will cover them all with glaze.
It has been a good clay to work with and even though I have had some tiles warp most of them stay pretty flat.
But, there is a new player in the mix.
I had picked up some Starwhite cone 6 at the open house at Starworks Ceramics last fall.
I finally put some test through the last firing and was pretty pleased with the resulting glazes on the clay body.
So last week Mark picked up enough for both of us to have some tiles to play with.
He rolled and cut quite a few while I was working in the red stone.
He gave me 5 4x4's to carve and I was impressed with how the clay behaved.
It was nice and smooth was no real bumps of grog.
I like it.
I plan to put these through the next fire for the electric kiln and see how I like the results.
For a person who use to be a thrower, I find the time I spend on tiles to be very rewarding.
Plus- I don't have to stand all day.
But then there is that little pinch in the neck and back muscles.
It must be time for a massage.
I will get some pictures up as things move along.
We have been packing and shipping those Christmas orders and dealing with the last minute gifts for customers.
Plus, a little house keeping and seeing family.
Oh vay!
I am ready for some down time over the holidays!

3 comments: said...

Hey: what is the firing temp on the Starwhite? Sounds like something I might could try for Raku. I can't believe I am saying this, but I am going to test some white clay with some of the ^6 glazes at the Artscenter. They have some pretty decent glazes and I might as well give it a try since I have been trying everything else :) and I would like to support Starworks.

Barbara said...

Hope you get that massage soon. I have been using my back massager (a pad that sits on a chair, not a whole chair, darn) every morning. What a way to start the day.

Linda Starr said...

Can't wait to see your tiles. Do glazes turn out different in oxidation on different colored clays like they do in reduction?