Sunday, January 31, 2010

Buckle up

Mark sent me this the other day and I thought it was great.

When I was younger, don't asks it's not nice to ask a lady her age, I thought that once people reached a certain age it was pretty much over.

They would just fad into the couch and watch TV or take up knitting, not that there is anything wrong with knitting.

Well I don't think that way any more and things have changed.

My great aunts looked very old world to me with their heavy shoes, dresses, aprons, hair up and tight. They looked, well, old.

Now that I am past their age I think this generation of mine is holding their own pretty well.
The other thing I notice is we are not too old to learn a trick or two.
When I spend my time reading blogs I am also noting how the clay community is out there raising the bar with ceramics.
There are some mighty fine pots being made out there.
And it is not being done under the cover of the night.
Potters are writing and showing what and how they operate.
There is a lot of good, really good information out there.
As I read Whitney Smith today I thought about how useful her advice is to anyone starting a clay business or any business for the matter.
This Artist's Life by Whitney Smith.
Go have a read.
There is a lot to think about.

For us, we are figuring out how to fit the set up for the tile mural into the studio.
My sister Lee and her partner Tony were here on Friday to deliver the full size drawing.
It is a bit over whelming  if I think about it.
I have never taken on a tile mural before.
But as the cartoon says- I'm on my way to the future.
And, guess what I am taking you all along for the ride.
Buckle up it could be bumpy!


Hollis Engley said...

Amen, Meredith. And that's a great graphic.

Shortstuff said...

Great cartoon. I'll ride with you any time. said...

You wouldn't have this mural in your mind if you couldn't do it. It will be fine, just do it, what a fun project. Some of the best projects I have done with kids started with an idea and no clue how to do it! Future's looking bright!

Linda Starr said...

If you are anything like me, the apprehension ahead of time is worse than the doing, once you get started it will all work out. Enjoy your winter wonderland, it all looks beautiful, put another log on the fire.


I love the graphic! You should have it made in to a big sign to put in your studio.

You definitely not old...

Anonymous said...

So glad to ride with you as we all trudge or sail or bounce along into the future. I'm enjoying it.