Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oh, yes it did!

Yes, it snowed and the tempertures are dropping.
 It was 24.4 at noon.
It is now 23 degrees....

We did go out and take a walk up the drive.
It looks like we could be stuck for several days.
The drive will soon become ice and that does not give us much chance of driving out anytime soon.

This is the disadvantage of a 1/4 mile driveway with shade on both ends.
Great in the summer- stinks in this weather.
So a few winter pictures.

And when we thaw, an electric klin to tinker with.
What should have been quick bisque yesterday turned into 18 hour bisque.
I think it just might be time to replace this kiln.
Do you really get more then 24 years out of one

Shhhhh- I am suppose to be doing the taxes!

6 comments: said...

When you're ready to throw the old kiln out, I'll come get it and turn it into a Raku kiln! The snow is really pretty isn't it! Your pond looks beautiful. I have an outdoor cat that does NOT want to be outside and she is crapping everywhere today (not potty trained)!!! Never a dull moment in this nut house!

Laurie said...

I said I was going to work on my resume, but haven't, so guess we're in the same boat. The photo of your lake is gorgeous!

Shortstuff said...

Hey, It looks really pretty. Enjoy the scenery.

Bert said...

We have the gray skies and mid-twenties temps but not the pretty white snow and picturesque views. Luckily for us no ice either. We did get three inches of rain before the cold set in. The water is so deep in the local park that you can only see the top of the park benches. The ducks seem to be enjoying swimming across what use to be several soccer fields though.

Anonymous said...

boy, i hope i get 24 years out of my kiln... hell, i hope i live that long. idyllic outdoor shots.

jeannette stgermain said...

Your snow pics are great!
Aaah, still enough time to do taxes:)