Friday, January 1, 2010

The first day of a New year 2010

For as long as we have lived here we have seen Herons on the pond.
The last year we have had a Heron that we watch who does not seem to like to get wet.
He will perch on the tiniest piece of wood or tree or anyplace but stand in the water.
We watch in hope that we see him catch up a fish or even stick a toe in the water.
But we have yet to catch him.
Most of the time we will see a Heron slowly fishing the shallow ends of the water. Sometimes standing stock still with its head cocked and eyes watching for fish.
Not this guy.
He seems to have adjusted to his role in life and he must be eating something.
But he always seems to looks as if he would rather be anywhere but here.
A desk job somewhere or somehow he should have a gig in the city.

Yesterday Mark caught him on the tip of the canoe.
With the temperatures dropping to the teens tonight I think he would love to be anywhere but here.

Some days I think we are like this bird resigned to make the best of what we have.
This year I would like to find myself being the bird in the water and not the one on shore.
It's a new day and a new year.
Time to get your toes wet.


Anonymous said...

i've been waiting since mid november for january... no special days until valentine's day! just regular good life. said...

That bird needs to be in Florida, look how he hates the cold!I used to love seeing the herons when I lived at the beach, not many of them around Chapel Hill. I'm definitely feeling like getting my toes wet this year, Go for it!!

Shortstuff said...

That bird looks cold. That's how I feel this time of year. Come on Spring!

Barbara said...

A bird in the water catches more fish than two on land. Or something. That bird looks grumpy, too.

Love your new year connection and I'm pondering what getting my toes wet would mean for me. You?

Laurie said...

Funny bird! And a good post.

Jariris said...

Nicely said.

cindy shake said...

Happy New Year! What a wonderful photo! How fun to have been able to observe his funny behavior -lucky you :o)