Saturday, January 2, 2010

Allison's Tiles

Yesterday we had a great time hanging out with and enjoying the company of friends while eating good food for the New Year.
Of course we had our black eyed peas and greens.
What would a new year be without the great Southern tradition bringing luck and money.
I just would not miss them.
The added bonus is I like both.

While I was enjoying the conversation and food, Mark took it upon him self to make sure we had Allison's tiles fired for her to pick up tomorrow.
Did I tell you her deadline was Monday?
I was a little slack in my duties with picture sorting, blogs,Christmas, travel and such.
So between some food, conversation and a drink Mark went back to the shop to check the progress of the firing.
Now it is a computer kiln and if we wanted to we could have ignored it.
( like I was doing) but, we have not fired it but three times so far and we don't trust "all things which could start a fire while you are busy just plodding through life", since our fire in July 2008.
So Mark was able to finish up the kiln, catch a call from our daughter and come back and enjoy the rest of the afternoon.
I just love when someone else does the cooking.
Although I had a talk with myself the last time I grazed through the table.

So today we unloaded the first kiln of a new year and here are Allison's tiles.
She will pick them up tomorrow after taking her grandmother out to lunch.
I hope she is happy with the results.
I thought the two piece with the red,but I do love red, is pretty hot!

And please note I think I need to do a better job lining this one up. I can tell I have two of the tiles wrong.

9 comments: said...

Looks like great student, great teacher! Very pretty tiles.....

Judy Shreve said...

Great tiles! We had our greens & blackeyed peas too. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

tiles look great, particularly the one with that bright red.

Shortstuff said...

Her tiles came out great. Thanks for posting.

Barbarqa said...

Oh, I bet Allison will be very pleased with the results.

I hope the black-eyed peas and greens bring all the good luck and money they are supposed to and they sound tasty too. Do you have a recipe?

cindy shake said...

How exciting! hopefully she will thinking it's like Christmas all over again -the tiles are beautiful!

cookingwithgas said...

It worked out well!

Glass Tiles said...

Amazing art,so cool and nice!

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