Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bottles- his and mine.

Mark and I both had bottles on the brain this week,
But it seems his are bigger than mine.
Here they are all hanging out to dry.
I put some stamping and a bit of carving to mine.
This was one of those long work days.
Long day =short post.
Time to fix dinner or supper or what ever you call it.
Here they call lunch dinner and dinner supper.
Does not matter to me, but if you invite me over for dinner just tell me if that is noon or seven.


laura weant avery said...

it's not the size of your bottle, it's how it pours....hehe! you wondered who'd be the first to say it, didn't you?!

laura weant avery said...

gorgeous, btw--love all the texture.

Linda Starr said...

more bottles big and small, I love them all.

Tracey Brome said...

Hmmm.... there are so many things that could be said about the size of the bottles haha! But all are wonderful! Dinner and supper in my house, very southern, right?

cookingwithgas said...

I wrote the title 6 times and went back to the g rated one!

SMS said...

Que hermosas botellas, lindísimas las texturas. Te felicito!

ang said...

tea! that's ya bottles..

Anonymous said...

i like the wee bottles and i like the bigger ones too. we called it supper where i grew up but hardly anyone around here says supper. some call it "git yer butt to the kichen and git some vittles"

Anonymous said...

Now I'm really wondering what your alternate title was. Your bottles looked big so Mark's must be . . . The carving and stamping is great.

I grew up in a transition area where the s and d words were used with confusion and argument.


T.Gray said...

Nice work. You guys must be closing in on another firing.