Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ginger Beer Bottles

Years ago a potter friend bought us a ginger beer bottle.
These bottles were made  to hold anything from vinegar to beer.
The one he gave us held ginger beer.
This bottle is brown not real discriptive, but a useful pot.
It stuck with me.
There was something about the shape that I feel in love with.
Since then I have acquired a few buddies to keep the first one company.
One favorite one is out of a white clay body, slat glazed it is just simply a sweet and beautiful pot.
Every once in a while I get the shape in my head and have to make these straight up bottles.

Mine never have quite the shape I want.....but I find them fun to play with.
I also like that I can make them all a bit different and then play with some stamps and carving on the upper part, giving the  wood ash glazes a place to settle in or run. 
How about you? Is there a shape that you are "drawn" to? 
For me it is bottles. There is something about their quiet presents or elegance that  draws me in.


Michael Mahan said...

Hey, let's have a Seagrove Beer Fest with bottles of beer made by Seagrove potters.

Judy Shreve said...

I love your bottles. I like to make them too - but I find they aren't good sellers for me.
I still love throwing a jar or little cruets the best! And for mindless wheel fun - gotta love a bowl!

Ben Stark said...

Bottles are actually my favorite form as well, but like Judy--they don't sell well so I don't make them often. Yours are wonderful :)

Hollis Engley said...

I'm glazing a bunch of tall bottles right now for firing tomorrow. But these are intended more as vases than drinking vessels. Dan Finnegan has made many beer bottles for friends who brew their own beer. Maybe he'll post some photos of them, too.

FetishGhost said...

I like to make lidded butter-churn shapes, but I love to hold jugs... that sounded weird but it'll work.

cindy shake said...

That's a good question. I like your bottles but I'm always drawn to smaller, lidded jars and artful teapots (which I collect)...

Linda Starr said...

I haven't seen many ceramic bottles except a few in antique stores, I love your bottles. i have always been drawn to old glass bottles, another form I like is lidded ceramic pieces as I always think of them holding some type of treasure inside.