Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The bucket brigade

 We spent yesterday waxing up the many boards of pots to go into the kiln.
Today starts the week long glazing process.
I think I have 21-22 boards all wax and ready for glaze.
The kiln on a good day will eat about 21 shelves of pots.
It will all depend on how tall the crown pots are.
In this load Mark has made some tall bottles.
That gives me two tall crowns. One will be about 22 inches, making another about 18 inches and the third crown will come in at 14 inches.
That means a little less stacking space, but it will still take anywhere from 20- 22 shelves of pots to fill the kiln.

We put all our glazes on wheels. It just makes it easier to roll them where you want them rather then have them in one spot. Plus we both glaze so I can work in a bucket and then mark can come (steal) get the bucket when he needs the glaze.

Here is a long shot of the room.

I am working off the blue cart while Mark is working off another cart with just crown pots on it.
We are both enjoying this rebuilt space, but there are a few little adjustments that we need to make.
Better lights on the end Mark is working on would help.He puts a floor lamp on the table which helps some.We always think of the lights after we start glazing. Oh yea- this is where those lights need to go.

I am pretty pleased with the lights on my end..
I also like the cabinet that Mark put in for me back in December.
It is a great height to work on and it have a counter top which wipes up nicely.

I'll post more as we move along.
The weather man is singing his winter song again about snow tomorrow.
I plan to plug up my ears and not listen.
LALALALALA! I can't hear you!



Laurie said...

Meredith, you're too funny (LaLaLa)! Surely this week will be the last of the snow, don't you think? Hang in there!

FetishGhost said...

Ok... I've got to ask, what's a "crown pot"?

Kim Hines said...

the 1st thing i saw when i enlarged that 2nd picture is that jug on the top shelf w/ that swirly vine design, absolutely beautiful! can you (please, please) post a picture after it's fired? can't keep my eyes off it... and note to self, get wheels for glaze buckets and double check i have enough lighting in my new studio space lol.

ang said...

ah such a great space...i love wheels!!!!!

Michael Mahan said...

I too want to know the meaning of a crown pot. Does it refer to pots on the top shelf under the crown of the kiln?
Good luck with the loading. I can't wait to get back to work.

cookingwithgas said...

what! doesnn't everyone call the shelf just under the arch the crown?
humm another case of our own language just like we call the driveway alarm the dinger.
Why because it goes ding- the same with the timmer on the microwave.
The dinger just went off.
Thus- the top shelf of the kiln is called the crown shelf here.
Do we have enough crown pots- how tall will you make the crown pots.
This is what happens to a couple who lives and works together- soon we will just start grunting at one another.
snow- gee I want to call uncle!

cindy shake said...

You've been BUSY -look at all of that work!! Can't wait to see it after the firing -I could never be that patient :o)

Anonymous said...

LALALALALA... it's amazing, snow and the previous post it was 70 degrees. i think it would take me all year to fill up 22 shelves, good luck glazing