Wednesday, February 24, 2010

tag, you're it!

Laurie my good friend, we are due for a glass of wine, and favorite soap maker has tagged me so give me a minute  while I think about the things that make me happy.
Just what I need as it is starting to snow.
And you all know how much I love snow.
Really I do like snow, but I like it in early January when I don't have to get out in in.
10 things that make me happy:
  1. My better half
  2.  Our children and our families.
  3.  Friends
  4. Sunshine
  5. spring flowers
  6.  hot baths.
  7. good food and good wine.
  8. belly laughing babies 
  9. random acts of kindness
  10. being wrapped up in love 
How about you:
Will the guys come play with us as well?
What makes you happy?
Give it up we all need a little sunshine.



Laurie said...

Good list! Belly laughing babies...wonderful!

cindy shake said...

Great question...
What makes me happy :o)

1. Good health for me and my family
2. Having a hunky sweet husband
3. Having 3 smart and funny kids
4. My big dog, Tauzer Schnauzer
5. Being outdoors
6. Making art that people enjoy
8. Having my favorite pair of Levi's fit
9. A big storm
10. A great meal shared with friends

Becky Jo said...

I'm not on your tagged list, but I'll tell ya anyway. :)

1. My understanding husband (don't all spouses that are married to artists need to be understanding?).
2. My puppies and kitties.
3. My family.
4. My great part-time job.
5. Pottery, especially a good kiln load.. it's like Christmas.
6. Peanut butter and honey sandwiches.
7. A fresh haircut.
8. Chocolate.
9. A bonfire with all of our friends on a summer night.
10. A 40 mile bike ride with my iPod. Endorphins ALWAYS make me happy.

Nu Kua said...

I'm not on your taglist either but i wanted to reply that what makes me happy is people who are thinking about what makes them happy and even better, people that get other people to think about what makes them happy!
for a moment, the world becomes a better place when happy thoughts are being thought.

Happy thinking everyone!

greetings from amsterdam
(hopefully blogging abouts pots soon... ;-)

cookingwithgas said...

Oh- Becky Jo I am so happy you played along and Nu Kua- thanks and i hope to go read your blog soon!
Cindy- Tamales- I love GOOD tamales!
anyone else out ther with some happy they want to share?

Linda Starr said...

1. so very thankful I have the most wonderful and supportive husband in the world

2. good health for my husband and myself

3. not having to worry about paying the bills

4. living in a country where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is still possible

5. having three wonderful cats

6. working in clay and thankful new and fresh ideas keep coming to me

7. sharing and networking with my clay and other blog buddies

8. enjoying nature outside and taking photos

9. meeting generous and unique people

10. cooking a meal with local ingredients and sharing it with friends

Anonymous said...

well, this is a little impromptu but, meredith, you know #1

1. the bug
2. the bug's mom
3. friends
4. beer
5. music
6. clay
7. avocados
8. irony
9. books
10. people with good sense of humor

Judy Shreve said...

What a happy blog post & great comments!
I'll chime in --

My wonderful husband!
My wonderful son!
Merlin - the wonder dog!
pottery - of course - well most days
Music -- must have music!
My girlfriends -- laughing with my girlfriends!
A good bottle of wine with friends!
Dinner with friends - and good conversations!
Eating fresh from the garden!
Being outside on a spring day!

Laurie said...

Oh, I just love all these wonderful happy comments! Great lists!

Lee Lewis said...

1. Family
2. Friends, especially old friends
3. Making stuff
4. Giraffes
5. Dogs (all of 'em)
6. Bluegrass music
7. Hiking (love those endorphins, too)
8. Blue crabs
9. Spring
10. Bedtime