Sunday, February 28, 2010

Looking for spring

I think I am ready for some green.
Usually we can  enjoy the Camellia bushes around the house to give us some color with their white, reds and this one a favorite, pink. This year they have not even bloomed like like they usually do. There was a winter years back in the early 80's where the temps were so low that we lost a few to the cold weather. They seemed to have wintered through but no spots of color to enjoy.
We are doing our usual weather watching for the right time to light up the kiln.
Tomorrow is the day.We are heading out for the marathon loading this morning.

It usually takes about 5 hours to load.
Tomorrow fire, two days cool and a day to unload. I think that will take care of most of next week.

I would love to have a week of calm spring like weather, but they are taking winter mix mid-week.
This winter, like the economy, is the winter which will never end.
Best get off to it.
I have lower fired tiles to finish up and hope to get those through a fire this week as well.
With good weather and a bit of luck we should have some pots out!


gz said...

Sounds a bit like here then!
I've got a gas kiln waiting for first test firing. Got the gas, got the I brave enough?!!
The weather is deceptive. Looks like Spring, smells like Spring....then it is as if it is a kid going "Na na, na na na"!!!! and dumps a bit more wet and/or cold stuff on us!!

Ron said...

Hope all goes well w. the loading and firing. I hope we have dry weather for the Conference. See ya soon.

Laurie said...

I bet you are missing the camellias. That one's gorgeous! Happy firing!

Anonymous said...

sounds like i'm a week behind you... glazing this week. of course it's not as big an enterprise with me. good luck, hope everything comes out well.

cookingwithgas said...

kiln is 2/3rd's loaded- now that sounds nice we need to see if we can work on becoming a little loaded too!
No really- front staff and brick the door!

Anonymous said...

Wow, a five hour loading process for both of you! I hope the winter mix is weak on the winter part this week. Enjoy your relaxation time!

That camellia is beautiful with a bit of snow on the leaves.


Judy Shreve said...

I love camellias. They are winter's little bit of happiness - not much of that this winter!! Good luck with the firing & holding the snow at bay. Can't wait to see photos of the new pots.

Linda Starr said...

what a beautiful camellia, good luck with the loading, firing and unloading - what a lot of work, but so fun at the end.

Kim Hines said...

oh i'd forgotten about the camellia bushes! i do miss them now that i think about it. good luck w/ the firing, can't wait to see some pictures.