Thursday, February 25, 2010

Glazing away

We are just about finished glazing all the pots for the next gas kiln.
Small happy dance going on here.
Now if we can get the wind to die down and the sun to come out it will make loading the kiln a bit more pleasent.

Back in the 1980's we made a lot of production pottery, which I hand decorated. Lots of little flowers in pinks and blues.
Just before Christmas  a customer came in and ask if I would make her a set of mugs and match them to one she had bought years ago.
I said yes.
In fact I thought it might be fun to go back to that place and sit and decorate some mugs.
So I did.

We still make production pots, just not as many as we use to.
But I still find it hard to believe we use to thrown, base glaze and then I would decorate board after board of plates, bowls, mugs, cream and sugar sets. spoon rest and just about everything we made.
Then one day my back and neck just said, "No." I was having so much trouble with my back by sitting for hours painting pots.
We were also ready to make some changes in the glazes we were working with. We slowly started introducing the wood ash glazes while slowly removing one pattern and then another until one day I was no longer painting anything.
Now I find myself working on the tiles and other things and moving away some from what I am doing now.
Is it time to make another change?
The one thing consitent with pottery is change.
And I do believe you have to allow yourself some time to change.

Weather permitted we plan to finish up our small gas kiln ans see where that kiln takes us.
Smaller kiln, different work different glazes.
Well just have to see.


Tracey Brome said...

you sound like you are thinking of change. That will be fun to watch!

Shortstuff said...

Wow...those mugs are sure a stroll down memory lane. I sometimes find some of your old stuff on ebay.

cindy shake said...

Look at all of that WORK! Can't wait to see everything after the kiln opens!

Anonymous said...

interesting post about the evolution of work in a pottery. i have to say that i'm at the stage where you say you were at with back pain, etc. from sitting on my butt for hours. i'd love to evolve toward something just a bit less time consuming, maybe the subconscious and now not so subconscious desire is all it takes for it to start? anyway, i like the little flowers on the cups

T.Gray said...

You're right, change is good, keeps us from becoming stale. I haven't responded to the 10 happy things simply 'cause I haven't taken the time to really give it some thought. Sorry.