Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tom Gray and Tom Starland

As I was saying.... this week has been full of fits and starts and yesterday was no exception.
We were lucky and just had rain yesterday, no ice and no snow.
But I tell you me- it is soggy wet out there.
A bit like walking on pudding.

It has made our trips across the yard an adventure.
First the snow, then the ice/snow followed by the mud and slush and now the soggy mess of just wet oversaturated ground.

Red pudding.

But we did get some work done.
I did not get anything posted up for Mr. Kline's challenge.
I though I would but yesterday I did not even make it down to the basement where my computer lives.

After lunch yesterday we had a nice surprise visit with Tom Starland from Carolina Arts Unleashed.
Tom writes about the arts in the Carolinas and has done a great job of keeping us all up on what is going on in the art scene.
Tom also has a great way of speaking his mind.
Yesterday was a treat to just take some time and chat.
He one of those people you wished lived closer.

The day before that Tom Gray stopped over to pick up potatoes.
We have a veggie delivery here once a week and we are down to the last of the stored potatoes, Yukon gold, that were dug last spring.
Eat them up or lose them so our farmer friends were here to distribute.

Tom stayed and we chatted away before they came.
It is always fun to talk to Tom.
He spent time in the area Mark and I grew up.
Nothing short of parallel lives because we are very close to the same age.
So we were playing the name game- what was the name of the drive-in on...
Where was ... located?
Did you ever go to?

Before Tom left I asked him how long he has been writing on his blog.
He wasn't quite sure and I thought it was at least 6-7 years.
Turns out, after he looked it up, he started his blog in May 2001.

That is quite a while in the blog world.
I had asked his about his thoughts on blogging and he sent me this response.

"When the graphical World Wide Web began, the only people who knew their way around it were the geeks and the prop heads. If you wanted a Web presence you had to be one of the former, or hire them to build and upload your Web site for you. Within a couple of years tools were developed that allowed anyone with enough time and curiosity the ability to build their own sites. When the graphic artists became involved, the “look” became much more slick, more professional, and even began to compete with print. Today, with programs like blogger, wordpress and typepad, anyone with a computer, digital camera, and the desire to share their lives with others can do so very easily and very quickly. A blog page, blog being short for Web log, can be set up in a matter of minutes, and you can be publishing immediately."

I know there are so many different stories out there.
The community of potters who are out there writting all blog for different reasons.
What's yours?

PS- above is one of those tools we use all the time.
Not for throwing but for clean up- simple, yet, useful.
The handle is about 5'9".


Tracey Brome said...

We have pudding yard too. I didn't think it was ever going to stop raining yesterday. I swear our house is going to slide down the hill if things don't dry up soon, around my kiln area it's just red sloppy ground, no way I can go out there and work around it. good for the farmers though I guess.

Anonymous said...

wow, can't believe tom's been blogging since 2001. he's dead on about how all that stuff came to be. a friend and i got all caught up in it and started a web development business... then it all blew up. i should've blogged back then, no one would've believed me.

Chris Luther said...

Glad you guys didn't get any ice! We still haven't seen any precipatation at all. I am afraid our children probably have Seagrove's yard pudding all over the house by now...Could you take your tool over to Grandma?!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Honestly? I guess I blog because I like to blab on the page and also read other people's blabs, and over years of selling at fairs and all, customers always wanted to know what I was doing, and a blog is such an easy way to connect with them instantly, and NOW I can visit bloggers like you or Ron, etc, rather than getting Ceramics Monthly each month and cursing it for being full of crappy work---I can just look at the potters and pots I like instead!

Linda Starr said...

Wow, 2001, I never even knew aboout blogs till I read one and started mine shortly thereafter, amazing.

Jen Mecca said...

I have so much pudding the jello factory IS my backyard! That is a great word to discribe all this mud and junk...

Anonymous said...

That is a long handled tool! You can stand far away and clean. I always wondered where the term "blog" came from. Wet and muddy here, too, but no red, which sounds so much more interesting.