Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday! Monday! Monday!

And here comes yet another week.
One full of hope, pots and dare I say it, weather!
Yes, we are bracing for the next round of winter mix.
I'll take mine with a side of gin.

The sun was shinning and called us out to at least take a ride away from our county place.
As nice as it is to live here and as much as we love being here we need a change in order to get our heads back to work.
So a little time out in the city with a nice Thai lunch helps.
Also a side trip to visit with some good friends.

 I left a kiln half loaded and pots drying.
I am heading out there to see what I can start and hope for cold rain and no mixed bag tomorrow.

And I was wondering do 6 jars plus 6 lids count as 12 pots?


Judy Shreve said...

Oh Meredith - you guys have really had WINTER this year. I'm sure you're getting a little tired of that white stuff -- & all the rain.

I absolutely think 6 jars & 6 lids = 12 pieces made!

Linda Starr said...

they do in my book; how come the chair is in the water? the pond filling up?

Annapants! said...

MMMmmm Thai... Glad you got out for a bit! Although, I think your math is a little iffy!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

golly those jars are pretty :)

Laurie said...

Lovely jars! And gosh, I hadn't heard about the possible wintry mix. I'm hoping for rain, along with you.

kriips said...

isn't it always something! FInally, I think, we're out of drought - but now the ground feels like swamp everywhere! ENOUGH! I'm so ready for SPRING!
Love your jars!

cindy shake said...

Last I checked, six and six was 12! At least you hit 12 -I was only able to get six pods made for Michael's challenge -oh well. the lidded jars are so wonderful! We are still so far away from Spring I dare not even think warmer, sunnier temps!

Jen Mecca said...

My kids are starting to laugh evertime they say WINTERY MIX!

Bert said...

It rained all night and morning here but "wintry mix" is forecast for Of course that's the day I'm suppose to go do a demo for a local art club.

cookingwithgas said...

Okay- I am counting the lids and the jars.
I use to wonder if you could count them as a pot when you are making.
Since it takes as much time as the jar.
Boo to more wintrymix.
Come on sunshine!

Nancy said...

6 + 6 = 12
Where did you get Thai? My favorite food in the whole world! Asheboro? I could meet you there one day, that would be fun!

Shortstuff said...

I'll trade you my 18 inches of snow for your rain. Seriously. Deal?

Anonymous said...

hi meredith... 6 + 6 definitely makes 12 pots in my book, those lids didn't throw themselves. thai food is my favorite food... i could drink green curry, mmmmm. we got 6" last night (of snow). i saw your comment on connie norman's site that said you want to see the missus and i guess her debut slipped by you, there a pic of her on this post...

i love the ginger beer shape in the next post... something about the top of it, like it's ready for a cork