Tuesday, March 30, 2010

April is coming right up!

Every year we buy a calendar for the studio.
This year I found this wonderful calendar with sealife pictures.
Today I was debating if I wanted to tear off the picture for March or leave it.
It has a wonderful fish with the most beautiful yellows and soft blues.
It makes me want to develop a glaze around it.
Then when I popped open the page for April and saw this starfish and it was love at first site.
Oh my gosh!- look at the color of that red and then all the interesting patterns with the whilte.
Wouldn't this look great on something!
I think I will be drinking this picture in for the month of April.
I would love to develop this glaze as well.
Now laugh- because I know how busy the next month will be.

We made short work of unpacking from the Hickory show.
We knew we would have a short window to throw and glaze before the Spring kiln opening here in Seagrove.
We along with 48 other potters from our area have banded together to hold what will be a gallery/kiln opening crawl.
Here, at our shop in Whynot. we have invited a soap maker Laurie Abela of Abela Soaps to join us.
Laurie is a good friend, massage therapist, gardener and nurse.
Laurie will be here with her soaps.
I have used many homemade soaps over the years, but I am sold on hers.
They are my favorite.
And her bathmelts....oh, take a night with a hot bath and throw one of these in.
Yummy is all I can think!

Also joining us will be our good friend Anne Raven Jorgensen of Raven Pottery.
Anne lived in the Seagrove area for about 15 years before moving to Southern Pines.
She lives only 45 minutes down the road but just far enough we have to make plans to see one another.
Anne makes fun and wonderful pots.

Last but not least is our friend Laura Weant Avery of Snowhill Tiles.
Laura also lived in Seagrove for a number of years and recently moved away.
She will join us bringing her tiles and jewlery.
Laura's tiles have always inspired me.
I took a workshop from her several yeras ago.
She was so forth coming and sharing with her knowledge.

We are excited to have these folks join us I am calling it "Mud and Suds in the Yard".
I thought it fitting after the wet, wintry messy winter we all had.
And then our wet rain we had last week.
 We will Mud in all shapes and form.
Now, can we all think positive for some weeks of sunshine and dry weather.
Plan a- we sent up tents.
Plan b- we set up in our work studio.
Whatever happens we will work out a way to get everyone set up.
We are planning refreshments and a door prize or two.

Yesterday I started on teapots and butter dishes while Mark made those "crown" pots.
So this week is throwing week.
Next week is glaze and with fingers crossed we will have a great kiln load of pots to unload for the weekend of the 17th-18th.
Should be fun, so come out and see us.
We will be open Saturday from 9-5
And Sunday from 10-4


Tracey Broome said...

make a starfish, put a red underglaze on it then use a white crawl and raku fire that sucker! that's what went through my head as soon as I saw the picture! Sounds like you got a crazy month coming up, good luck with it all!

Linda Starr said...

I thought you made that starfish the minute I saw it and was truly wowed by it. I have been thinking of making sea creatures lately since we are so close to the coast here, one coast in Florida. Those butter dishes are great. Can't wait till I get in my place so I can make more pieces. Happy Spring.

Patricia Griffin said...

"Mud and Suds" sounds like a blast! Best wishes with all!

cindy shake said...

How fun -what a line-up of talent you have coming! Love the starfish -just went to a client's house to measure for a commission and they had a huge saltwater fish tank!! The colors were amazing and inspiring!

Jay Henderson said...

Turn! Dip! Burn! . . . uh, wait a minute . . . don't want to be accused of inciting violence . . .
Throw! Glaze! Fire! . . . oops . . . doesn't sound much better . . . . hey, what are you guys, some kind of pottery militia outfit?
How about -- make lotsa pots!

cookingwithgas said...

I like turn, dip and burn!
It should be a fun weekend- just lots to do before it gets here!

Anonymous said...

that's one helluva starfish... just goes to show that as far as decoration is concerned, nature has us beat hands down. have fun with mud and suds... good luck