Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Evening

I should have..
I should have taken more pictures.

We are back from the show.
It was down as far as the numbers of folks coming to the show.
I wonder if the beautiful spring day was just too good to pass up.
I imagine that many folks wanted to spend time outside.

We sold some pots, talked to some our favorite customers, enjoyed some time with fellow potter friends, that we don't see often enough, and added some new potter friends to our list.
Shows can be about making connections with potters as well as customers.
And it was great to have a few drinks and a good laugh or two... okay maybe three.

We made our trip home before the rain.
I am sitting here listening to the weather folks talk about tornados in our area.
Sounds like some areas are getting hit with heavy rain, hail and wind.
I had better shut down and see if there is any thing that need to be done.
Over and out.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like an enjoyable show... i've noticed that the warmer weather seems to lower attendance in many venues. hope those tornadoes stay away... good luck