Monday, April 5, 2010

Chuck how could you leave me?

One of these days I will quit expecting items that we had for over 25 years to magically be where I think they should be. The other day, after I had made the lids for the butter dishes, I wanted to trim the inside edge.
That right there is where the problems started.
Mark and I both had chucks we had made when we first opened the pottery.
They were all thrown on the wheel and then left to dry.
They were never fired and worked quit well for trimming and then would do doubled duty when I need to wax lids and other things when getting ready to glaze.
As I said, the day after making the two parts for the butter dishes, a plate and dome lid, I wanted to trim the lids- I just expect those chucks to still be around.
But we all know that fire and water are not kind to bone dry clay.
I really want to be that person who is not marked by the before or after.
But- somedays it is all about the before and after.
Didn't we use to have....
Where is ..........
With that said I started looking for something to use.
Well my fall back had been an assortment of plastic plumbing parts of different sizes.
Well, we all know what fire does to plastic.
I have two left from the fire one very small one and one bigger, but not deep.
Good grief, you think I would give it up and go to the plumbing supply place or throw some chucks.
But no- I like to drive myself  crazy by spending time trying to make something I have on hand work.
So in my search I came across the plastic parts Mark made for our extruder, which could be another post on how to use plastic plumbing parts and an old piston to made an extruder for lugs and handles.
Much to my delight I popped this on my trusty giffen grip and it worked great.
That and a lid from a jar to help hold it in place and I was able to trim the lids right up.
Now to write myself a note about throwing some chucks.

It is hard for me to complain about the weather since we had such a messy winter.
I am truly enjoying the warm weather and some dry warm weather is an added bonus.
But- 90 degrees tomorrow??!!
It is as if spring just gave it up and went straight into summer.
The frogs and bugs are making lots of racked all night long.
The other night I thought there were aliens landing in the yard.
The high pitch whine combined with some other noise had worked its way into my dreams.
There were spaceships coming down to take us all away.

The marathon glazing started today.
I spent the day waxing pots and Mark did the run on glazes.
Tomorrow a bisque to unload and more waxing for me.
Then things get pretty hot and heavy with lots of glazing going on.

One of my favorite trees.
Is it okay to have favorites?
This one has been opening the past week and today is putting out the end of the leaves with red.




Shortstuff said...

90 degrees here tomorrow, too. It skipped Spring and went straight to August!

FetishGhost said...

I like your solution... I'm always throwing new chucks, (my 7 year old studio mate keeps smashing the old greenware ones just to feel helpful).

Linda Starr said...

From cold to hot so quickly; some day I want to spend a whole day just observing in your studio; I know I'd learn so much.

Peter said...

Me too!
Fun to read of you coming into summer like that, our summer was similar. Suddenly it was there with hardly any Spring. Now we are diving into winter. Maximum temp today is 55 Fahrenheit, and we are looking forward to a minimum of 39 F overnight.
Been so busy over the last few months that I hardly noticed there was summer out there, so I feel decidedly undercooked this year.... Maybe I should head North!

Kim Hines said...

i definitely do not miss the jump from winter to summer like they have there. it was in the 50s today here in MT, a little chilly but better than being hot. i do miss the frogs though. not a frog to be seen here, too dry i guess. no fireflys either...
good solution you came up w/ for your missing chuck. i too could learn so much from you guys just observing. i wish i'd have known about all the great potters in the area before i moved away...

Jay Henderson said...

I remember planting that tree. Lib insisted that it would grow well in that spot, which consisted of red clay thinned with a generous portion of rocks. I had to dig the hole with a mattock. For at least ten years, the tree lived, but grew very slowly. It looked like a misplaced bonsai. Then it must have gotten some roots down to a source of water, because it really started to grow one year and turned into a real (if smallish) tree. That's gotta be a tough variety to have survived in that spot!

Hollis Engley said...

I can see how you would date everything to BF and AF. Makes perfect sense to me.
And yea, it's OK to have a favorite tree. Happy spring/summer, Meredith. Dee's been in the yard two straight days catching up with what winter left behind.

cookingwithgas said...

Linda, Peter and Kim-- Road trip- come on out and see us.
Jay- a few years back I treated around the roots with milky spore for grubs. The tree just took off after that. I enjoy that tree so much and think of you and Lib when I see it.
Hi Hollis - yes BF and AF I just can not get away from it.

Fetish ghost- we had one of those potter mates many many years ago.
Sure do miss them now!
Happy Spring to you all-
I wouldn't mind 50......degrees- then again I would not mind seeing 50 again!

Mrs. G. said...

Your tree is beautiful as is your work.