Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Better than a new puppy!

Mark finally went off to the plumbing place just outside of Seagrove.
He made one of these plastic thingy-things to put a bottle on while pouring glaze.
How simple is this and how great does it work!
Thanks Jim!
We owe you a really, really good hoppy beer for this tip.
It is so cute that I think it might need a name.
But the best part is no one has to walk it or train it.
It just sits there and waits to do tricks!
We are crazy glazing this week and there have been spring break folks out.
It has been great to see all the faces and sell a pot or two.
Back to the glazing.

What a mess!


Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

Great idea for glazing bottles. Love it. Sounds like everybody is busy glazing getting ready for spring shows and such.

ang said...

intriguing! demo required then..

Laurie said...

Oh boy, a new plastic thingy! Have fun!

Michael Mahan said...

Now, come on... when's the last time you had held a new puppy? You guys need to get out more often :-)

Anonymous said...

hi meredith... they're multiplying! glad to hear it's working out for you. it makes those dreamy pouring stripey marks too. not sure if you cemented it or not but i just left mine uncemented and then i can just put different length vertical pieces in to keep the shorter vases from having big messy splashes

T.Gray said...

Bubba, I'd name it Bubba.