Sunday, April 25, 2010

Measure twice cut once.

I am the kind of person who needed to marry a person who holds this as a truth.
I am the person who just jumps into a project feet first hurling end over end until I am a tumble of hands, feet, arms and legs.

I come from a family whose  father knew better then to tackle something you did not know,  he wisely called a plumber, electrician, builder and stuck with what he knew, words, he was a newspaper man.
I married into the do it family.
Mark and his father could do plumbing, electricity, wood working and they repaired and built things.
This was all such a mystery to me.
The how and why had not formed into my brain masses.
Now my mother and grandmother did teach me to sew, in that day you had to learn to sew,
But- I hated it. It meant being inside while my brothers were outside... I would much rather have been out in the sun then sitting at a sewing machine.
Now where is this all going you must be thinking by now..
Well, we spent two days pouring over the wet draft for the tile mural.
Mark trying his best to make me understand the wet to dry and grout lines.
I have made some tiles that work together, but- BUT- I have never had to work within certain measurements.
So- I was leaving that thinking up to Mark.
Silly me- I was pretended that I would not need to clutter my mind with figures. (math is hard-Barbie)
Wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong.
I got up early one morning and took out Posy's tile book and read.
I read and did figures.
Then Mark woke up and I apologized to him for being a ninny.
A long three mile walk and we were ready to form a better plan
We have taken corner one of the mural and cut the tiles.
They are drying slowing and I am heading out there to lay out the design.
I have a better understanding of how this should work.
And, you should know, my mother was a Math teacher- so as I was punching numbers I thought- yes Mom you do need and use Math  in your daily life forever.


Shortstuff said...

Oh, I feel you sister! Good luck with the tile. The flowers are beautiful.

cindy shake said...

I'm with you girl!! You can so appreciate why I don't make FURNITURE, QUILTS or STAINED GLASS!!! Way, way too much measuring needed for the art ;o)

Laurie said...

You go, girl! And your flowers are gorgeous!

ang said...

oh all the best with this one, i totally understand... :P

Judy Shreve said...

Oh Meredith - I could have written this post as well. Ha - but your mom was a math teacher - lol. I too depend totally on my husband -- and now my son to do all my math for me. Good for you for pushing through & realizing - for yourself - what needs to be done.
You are going to be so proud of this mural & I can't wait to see it completed!

Anonymous said...

math and numbers are indeed our friends and i'm not much of planner either but we used to have a saying like measure twice, cut once only it had to do with what you actually did even though you intended to measure twice cut once, which was... measure with a micrometer, mark it with chalk and cut it with a hatchet. the best laid plans of mice and men. looks like a fun project... i like the drawing.

Linda Starr said...

I don't plan with clay either and that is strange because I like sewing and quilting where measurements are crucial and I use them there. I know stained glass artists have a formula they use to allow for the copper and lead they use to hold the glass together but I don't know what that is. I can't for the life of me figure out how I would proceed with your project - allow for the grout, allow for the shrinkage, eeks, Life is fun with challenges, especially when we can look back on them when they are all figured out.