Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Time to take the dip in the deep end!

Monday just came and went and Tuesday seems to have follow close behind.
The plan was to get ourselves ready for our Spring Kiln opening and then jump right into the tile backsplash.
Well there is still some prep to be done.
First off we needed a sheet of plywood to work off of.
Mark picked that up on Monday and just to keep the surface nice to roll out the drawing on he sanded and put a coat of poly on it.
Today we brought it in the dinning room to set everything up.
We learned  this trick from Laura over the weekend - put the legs of the table in plastic pipes to raise th table up.
Mark bought some plastic pipes for the 8 foot plastic table and we were able to raise the table up to a good height for me to work from it by either standing or sitting on a tall stool. I can also walk around the whole area.
Don't plan on eating in here the next few weeks.....

I spent part of the day coloring parts of the background and removing some of the roots.
Lee and I looked over the drawing this weekend and found it still a bit too busy for the deep carving I plan to do for the tiles.
I also took down the size of the spots on the giraffe since they were a bit large.
It will give me more room for glaze between the spots.
Now that Lee has carved and glazed several of her own tiles she has a better understanding of the process.
Its like undercover boss!
I plan to start on one side and do the transfer over to clay in sections.
I worked on the right side today and have the first section ready for clay.
Fortunately the call that our clay is ready came today!
tomorrow we will pick up the clay and from then on- the real work begins.
Here I go!


Lee Lewis said...

Woo hoo....now the fun begins!

Linda Starr said...

And here I was complaining about all I have to do, man that's quite a project and it looks great already and you are so organized with your work station. did you get a special type of clay for the tiles? what type is that? you know me I am always curious. good luck.

ang said...

looks intriguing ...i like the leg extension idea too..

Kim Hines said...

you've got me completely facinated now, please be sure to post your work in progress! and the leg extension idea is wonderful!

Shortstuff said...

Oh, this looks fun. Good luck. Hope it all comes out perfect the first time!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a project. Good thing you have room to spread out and still have space to walk around the table. I am looking forward to the in-progress photos and hearing about the process.


cindy shake said...

Love the table leg idea! Your large project is reminding me of the posts I followed on Ang Design Blog and her table top tile job! She filmed short segments as she went and put it into one video with music! ALL THAT WORK was wonderful to watch metamorphous.