Saturday, April 10, 2010

Teapot and Trees

I have some two cup teapots going in this kiln load.
The kiln is half loaded as of yesterday.
The other half to be finished today.
Then brick the door and fire Sunday.
What we hope is that the winds clam down.
It has been windy and wind and our kiln just don't mix well.

I think I have enough pots for an electric kiln load and I will load that up while Mark is firing on Sunday.
Then next week between cooling and whatever else needs doing I plan to bake up some cookies for the kiln opening coming up next Saturday.
I have the peanut butter and sesame seed cookies on my list.
Two of the favorites for the customers.
Oh and then there is the biscotti..... .Those I have a hard time staying out of.
Just one more.

I have been watching the trees as I walk back and forth across the yard and this Sassafras tree has been a joy to watch as the leaves look so pretty as they bud and then days later start to open.

Don't they look wonderful!
This is the tree that I should have removed three years ago, but I am such a whimp and hate taking down any tree.
I have to admit it has me with its gifts of leaves.
I bet it is still there a year from now, just waiting me out.

The flier for the kiln opening- come on out this will be lots of fun with some great pottery just waiting to go home.


ang said...

wow thats some kiln opening event!!

Laurie said...

Woohoo! The weather is looking to be beautiful for it!

cindy shake said...

Wow- Look at all of those talented participants on the flyer!! Wonderful.

laura weant avery said...

mmm...biscotti...might have to sneak one of those myself!

doug Fitch said...


Peter said...

Good luck with your firing. Just hopped over to the celebration of seagrove potters web site, quite an amazing selection of potters. It will be a wonderful event.

Anonymous said...

Great to catch up on what you are doing. Busy springtime for you! I'd like to hop over a few thousand miles and be there.
Love the new buds, too.