Thursday, May 6, 2010

Caution: Potter Bites

I always wanted to place a sign in the shop saying cation Potter bites.
The other sign I never made was, wake me when you want to buy something.
We found that on Saturdays if we sat in the shop while waiting for and waiting on customers we would fall asleep.
This had nothing to do with the customers and more to do with sitting still.
We move so much that we found when we sit still our eyes get heavy.
Yesterday I was able to creep up on a certain potter and take some pictures.
I need a camera that makes less noise ...since I was caught very quickly. Here is what I was able to get with the request of no head shots please.I am throwing in the please I really don't remember it being used!

About the clean studio space.
We are rather clean in our spaces but we have times when we are all over the place and rather messy.
We found early in our potter lives that we both needed things to be cleaned on a regular basis.
We both were trained to clean our spaces, wheels and tools at the end of the day.
The reason was that another student would be using your space when you left for the day.
Now it is nice because it helps to go into the studio and have your wheel waiting for you.
When it is not cold out I like to dump and have fresh water and a clean wheel.
Now you are wondering if this carries over to our house.
Come on people- you can write your name in the dust- we do clean our house - but not every day!
We spend most of our time in the studio.
Also- when we had the fire we tossed out 26 years of things- or the fire ate them.
I am still amazed at how much space we gained after the fire.
I don't recommend cleaning that way but for us it was a help to rid ourselves of some of the clutter.
We still have not covered the walls and I have some wall space I would like to cover.
Our son gave us world maps to replace the ones burnt up but I still have not put them up.
Maybe this weekend would be good!
Time to go spend too much time getting those contacts in my eyes.


Tracey Broome said...

Really beautiful vase! I teach my students to clean up as well, you have to in a community studio space. But what was nice is that when they came to my house to fire the Raku kiln they cleaned up and left things nicer than they were when they got here. Cleaning house? What's that:)

Linda Starr said...

Fun seeing how that beautiful vase is worked by Mark. I wish everybody was taught to clean up after themselves and clean their tools. In my current ceramics class, they have lots of equipment and none of it is ever clean. High school students use the classroom too. I wish all teachers would instill the cleanliness habit in their students. There are two kinds of dust, dust bunnies are cute so just let them be, clay dust needs to be cleaned, Ha.

Laurie said...

Really nice post, friend. Mark's jar is beautiful.

Hollis Engley said...

Lovely jar by Mark. As to the neat work area ... I envy it. I'm my own worst enemy in that regard. But I'm old enough now to understand that's who I am. But I do envy you guys ...

cookingwithgas said...

We collect dust bunnies here at the house too Linda!- clay dust seems to follow us around- I feel like pig pen from Charlie Brown.......
Thanks for the nice comments on Mark's jar- finger's crossed they come out of the final firing!

Patricia Griffin said...

Great process shots!

Your comment about the signs made me recall one that is on the patio of a restaurant here in Cambria. It says "Children left unattended will be given chocolate and a kitty." That always cracks me up.

cookingwithgas said...

PG- I like that sign- might have to go on our list!