Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Moving along on Wednesday

I would love to just be carving tiles-am I crazy???
But I have to keep the pots going as well to help Mark fill up the kiln.
I love to warm up on bottles.
yesterday they all wanted to be nice and fat.
No problem for me I like a fat pot.
Seems to fit me.

While I am making bottles, plates and jars Mark is back to those "crown" Pots.
He does a lot of these in two pieces. Throwing the bottoms first and then capping them off with a second thrown piece.
Sometimes there will be a third piece.

You can see where he has started stamping the shoulder of this one. Next he will do the fluting.
The cap you see is for a nice tall, fat jar.
Today I might be able to creep up on him and shoot some while he is fluting the bodies.

And here is my side of the room.
Not as organized and I am sure you can see the chalk line down the middle of the room. There would be more room if we did not need things like heat and air...... which are on Mark's side of the room.
I have been thinking of ways to reorganizing my side and set it up different, but right now it is all I can do to learn how to put contacts in my eyes.
At my age learning to stick ones fingers in ones eye is a feat unto itself.
It takes me a good 20 minutes not to fold them in half while sticking them in my eye.
It I was 12 I think I would have no problems.
The good think about this is I can now see your face across the room.

I was having problems with road signs and face recognition and this seems to help that out. The trick is going to be learning to put these things in.
For a dollar I let you watch!
Off to make some pots-


Linda Starr said...

What a great jar. I'm going to need glasses soon, I can't read any small print at all so I got some of those $3 pairs at the drug store and for distance well I don't need to see that far anyway. You studio looks so big and clean, cleaner than my house.

Shortstuff said...

Contacts? Really? You can get Christine to help you. She's a pro.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh golly, the absolute PRETTIEST pots

Tracey Broome said...

I'm doing the drugstore glasses thing right now too. Can't read road signs, have no idea who is waving to me from across the room, can't use the TV remote.... I remember when my dad first got contacts. My mom put them in and took them out for him until the day he died. It was so funny to watch. Get Mark doing that for you!

ang said...

there's always something else that wants your attention go with the contacts, i just cant see anything up close any more and you know that thing about menus... i do that, just need longer arms!!

Hollis Engley said...

Are you really that neat, Meredith? Yikes. Nice pots, too.