Sunday, May 16, 2010

Where have you been?

Mark and I were having a lazy afternoon.
With so much going on we decided to watch a movie and just relax a bit.
Tomorrow is another day, as we all know and when you work for your self you have to make your self take time off.
While watching a movie I was also watching the inside of my eye lids a time or two.
Well, okay- maybe three, but I was following the plot and if I had to take a test I could pass.
After the movie was over I looked over and this picture just smacked me.
I mean it just smacked me hard.
I jumped up off the sofa and thought to myself why am I neglecting you!
I took it off the brick wall in the living room and carried it right into the kitchen.
The kitchen which we added a few years ago is bright and cheerful and a place we spend a fair amount of time.
I held it up to a blank wall I have been looking at and Mark just said, " let me go get the drill." No questions asked it had a new place to hang.
We bought this picture from the artist back in 1979.
We were young pottery students with two kids and no money to spend.
But- but we saw this and just fell in love with the simplicity of the brush.
It has been a favorite for many years, but some how was lost in the room that is dark and it was over shadowed by the pottery that sits on the mantel.
We paid all of 35.00 dollars for it back then.
That was a lot of money for us then.
I was a stay at home Mom with a large garden, goats, pigs, rabbits and two kids.
And I was going to school at night taking pottery classes with Mark.
Mark was holding the pay check and working piece work as a "knock up" man.
Yes, you heard me, a knock up man.
This was the term for the guys who did the frames for sofas, chairs and love seats.
He was paid by the piece and can still tell you the number of the sofa you are sitting on.
Money was tight, but this spoke to us.
His Dad framed it for us so here is another reason to have it where it can be seen.
It reminds me of both Mark's dad and the artist.
Now I have to confess and tell you I have forgotten his name- the artist- not my father-in-law, he was a Bob and if you have ever know a Bob he was a B.O.B. Bob all the way.
There are great Bob stories but I leave that for my kids to tell one day.
Back to this picture.
I am enjoying those wonderful brush strokes and the details.
That sweet bird on the branch, the butterfly and the bug all well capture.
I know this guy past away at an early age and I also know I will have to track down his name.
Of course this picture led to several other adjustments with tiles and other pictures for the kitchen.
But - hey it was fun to be diverted.
And while I am rambling along here I have to tell you I can get the contacts in my eyes in just a few minutes.
So you can teach an old dog like me to accept change.
I like being able to see better.
Truly amazing and now my fear is he will tell me I can't have them!
Meanwhile we are trying not to watch the pot of water on the stove, but we jump everytime the phone rings.
We are looking forward to meeting Baby girl Green very soon.
Very soon in deed!



Tracey Broome said...

I know exactly what a knock up man is:) I grew up in a furniture plant, my dad worked in High Point for Clyde Pearson Furniture and then we moved to the beach where he ran a plant down there. Where did Mark work?
Like the painting, isn't it fun when you re discover art in your house? I move stuff around all the time, drives Gerry nuts! Yes, that baby needs to come on so we can oohh and ahhh!!!

Laurie said...

Hooray for your contact learning curve! And seeing old favorites with new eyes.

jeannette said...

Yes, let the baby come soon, so you can go see her and not have to jump anymore every time the phone rings:):)

Judy Shreve said...

What a great story! And isn't it wonderful to have art in your house that reminds you of a life well-lived! Hope baby girl Green arrives soon!

cookingwithgas said...

hey Tracey- Mark worked in Seagrove for a small shop and later for the big guys in Asheboro.
Yes- we are waiting for baby!

Linda Starr said...

What a great story, I think $35 was a lot of money back then. Good for you guys splurging and still loving what you splurged on. Hope baby Green comes when he/she is ready and gently.

cindy shake said...

Great story! I had never heard of a "knock up man" -well at least under that description!

Anonymous said...

lovely painting, i can see why you wanted to move it to a brighter spot. "knock up man", hmmm, my ex-wife married an "erection specialist". i swear, i saw his business card. you'd think that the industry would just give in and come up with a different job title.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

erection specialist?????

cookingwithgas said...

Jim, do we ask what an erection specialist does!?
I am sure we all want to know!