Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You say tomato and I say ToMAto

Last year we planted corn in this raised bed and it was funny to watch it try to grow.
We did get some corn, but it was very wimpy.
This year Mark put more good mulch in the bed and when I was given some tomato plants I saw a perfect opportunity to pop them right in this ready to go bed.
Then two weeks later I went to a plant sale and picked up some heirloom varieties, two Thia Basil plants and filled out the bed.
The toms were coming along great when Mark reported that one had been sniped off at the base.
Cutworms!- I went on line and read this great trick- put three toothpicks around the base of the plant and the worms can not curl around them and cut them.
Worked great and just to be sure I used 4-5 toothpicks.
Then time for staking them up and Mark did a fine job.
That and some rain did wonders for the plants.

We are still waiting for Baby G- but seems she will be coming by Friday if not sooner.
So I have called out the reserves, my sister Lee, to come and stay and run things here in Whynot.
I have packed a bag to go and help out. (hold the baby)
You will soon be able to add Grandma to the list of things you call me.
Well- watch it there could be children reading this!

Some little dishes before I hit the road.


Tracey Broome said...

See, this is why I blog! I just wrote about why I blog, one being that I learn from all of you and now I know how to save my tomato plants, plus I get to read about the progress of your pending grandmother hood!
Those stakes are beautiful by the way!

Shortstuff said...

Your plants look great. I have yet to check on mine. John planted them while I was gone.
I hope you get the call to go to Norfolk sooooooon. I'm anxious. I can't imagine how Anna and Tiste are holding and Mark, too. I was hoping I could hold BeBe Green when I was home last weekend. Oh, well....

Patricia Griffin said...

Congrats Grandma-to-be!
Hey, great tip on the cutworms. Nothing better than home-grown tomatoes. I am not (yet) a gardener and must mooch from green-thumb friends.
Safe travels and happy baby-holding!

Jay Henderson said...

some of your neighbors say "mater."

Linda Starr said...

Great plates, do they have feet? and what are the little square boxes in the upper left. Safe travels. Great mater stakes.

cookingwithgas said...

Yes, those mater stake are great- Mark goes all out- I staked our other ones and mine look nothing like this!
Linda- boxes are great for tea bags or packages of sugars---- the other is a butter dish. Fillers for the kiln.
Yes, the little dishes have feet on them.
Tracey I am off to read your blog.
And J and L- soon, soon!

Judy Shreve said...

Great looking garden & great tip on outsmarting the cutworms.
Bet you can't wait to hold that new grandbaby! Post pictures.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are holding Baby Girl Green soon! So exciting. We just saw the film Babies last night and 'aww-ed" all the way through it. Made my hands itch to hold one.


MH said...

We're at the hospital where MY baby girl is working on having a baby girl of her own.... at some point there will be news and a full post but it's all hurry up and wait for now.