Thursday, June 24, 2010

And how was your day!?

Last night I found that lonely forgotten bill.
It is the one that latched a ride with the paid bills and just hid among them quietly  waiting to be found.
It was only 9.07.
Nine dollars and seven cents..... it was only over due by two days....
I thought about writing out a check and just riding out to the post office and dropping it in the mail.
Then I thought, "Why not pay it on line!"
Why people do this ALL the time. In fact as dinosaurish as I am even I have paid a bill or two on line.

Off to the website, shuffling through all the Blah, blah, blah. Sign up and go to pay on some site they farm payments out to call freechecks something or other .com.
I get it all set up and they say- this will not post as paid until after the 29th.
Click here and find out why.
Well, I can get it in the mail before you can take care of this so I will write a check and mail it.
BUT-wait! There is a phone number on the bill for a pay this bill now.
Ring, Ring Ring.
Press one for English
I press 1.
Put your account number in, which is our phone number:
**&^%%$#@#$%^&... I do.
NOW- to better verify your account look at your bill and put the total of your bill in.
pause- no, again, put the total of your bill in ,for example if your bill is $10.27 cents put in 1027.
I put in 907.
No, they( who ever the hell they is) tell me this is not right and I should look at the blasted bill at where the total amount due is and put that amount in.
Once more, like a fool, I do
no-----blah, blah,blah.
Then I am giving another number to call during office hours of 8-6 pm tomorrow.
So this morning I start over.
First the other number wants me to "get it on in a most inappropriate way with myself while they talk to me."
Wrong number- I don't think I will get my bill paid this way.

So I start the process over again and like a fool I do the whole thing again.
Call-press one-press two put in amount to verify your account.
them-no.....that's all it took
I take  the receiver, not so calmly in my hand, and I bang the receiver down over and over saying things that would make a sailor blush.
Then I take out a pen and write a note that covers the bill with what I think of their on line service.
Put a stamp on the envolpe and drive it to the post office.
Take your online-on phone service and  put it where my 907 is going.


Tracey Broome said...

girrrrllll, we were cut from the same cloth, I tell ya... been there, done that! haha!!

Michael Mahan said...

I wonder if 1007 would have worked....

Linda Starr said...

yeah, press one for English.

Becky Jo said...

Hahahahaha... that's hysterical! I despise customer service, and well, I'm sure I would have made a sailor blush as well. :)

ang said...

heheheh brilliant work... you told em eh..

Laurie said...

Girlfriend, you are too funny! And the wrong number...priceless. I can just picture the banging of the receiver... and can totally relate. Thanks for a great laugh!

cookingwithgas said...

Hey- I did try a few other numbers and I tried 0907-Nada!
Anyone need the wrong number?

Gary's third pottery blog said...