Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bee-cause I love you

Yesterday in my walk to work, involves getting up and walking across the yard, I walked by the Magnolia trees which were just humming with activity. I just happened to have my trusty camera with me because you never know when something good will happen and plus I was out for some Blog material.
I happen to catch these bumble bees all in twitter over the pollen.
It felt a little like I was a peeping Mary watching them roll in the carpels  .
One was just having a field day, as they say around here. He or she was just rolling and humming a low happy hum.

I just finished reading Julia over at Henhouse Pottery  and I am sure she could tell you much more then I can about the bees and what they are doing.
I was just happy to watch.
While I was there another bee, not to be left out, joined the party.

That is when I figure three was a crowd and went to work.

When I got there I looked out my window and in time to catch this worker bee finishing up the chimney.
It looks great from here- now to close off the roof and do the flashing.

Out early again to beat some heat and go check on the bisque load of tiles.
Fingers are still crossed!


Tracey Broome said...

I feel so Southern when I walk past a magnolia tree. They are my favorites. When we lived in Greensboro we had one just outside our bedroom window and I loved it, made a beautiful thing to wake up to when it was blooming and was great for holiday decorating. If you liked the bee romp you would love the turkey sex story in this book I'm reading!

Linda Starr said...

I love the fragrance of magnolias, so lemony sweet.

Kim Hines said...

ok. add another thing to the list of stuff i miss. magnolias. messy trees but those flowers make up for it. right before we decided to move here we put a bid on a large property w/ a huge magnolia tree in front of the house. we were out bid and end of story, but i still think about that tree. but now we've got gorgeous mountain views in every direction.

kiln's looking good btw, i need me a busy bee to work w/ me in the studio, but mine's artistically challenged and that's putting it nicely! :)

Anonymous said...

hurray for the bees! even if they're not honey bees. our bee balm is in bloom and there is quite a bit of activity there as well. that's one helluva chimney on that kiln... that will be great when it's finished. it's 85 at 9:30 this morning.

Cynthia said...

East coast - magnolias...miss.

Nice action shots of the bees!

There is a lovely, atmospheric quality to your photographs that makes me "feel" and recognize the time of day, temperature & je ne sais quoi....

Laurie said...

What ARE those bees doing! Silly things! Stay cool today!

cookingwithgas said...

Thanks all! It is hot out there today but looks like the roof will be back on and the flashing finished before the end of the day!
Silly bees is right!
TB- yep- I need to read that book!