Thursday, June 10, 2010

Come go with us.

First, thank you all so much for your well wishes for my brother.
He will be heading home today.
Our thoughts are with him and his family as he settles in.
We all live in different places so we are all planning to go see him as soon as we can.
Remember to take some time with family when you can.
Hug a love one  today for me okay!

Mark is heading up to Blowing Rock this weekend.
I hope you will stop in the booth if you are there.
He will be in booth number 12.
I have all the pots packed up and ready for him to go up the mountain.

This week I have been doing some work on the Clay and Blogs show.
I sent information to Tom Starland for Carolina Unleashed along with digitals of work sent to me.
Well, gosh I just remember I did not send any for Mark and I.
Sometimes I get so busy working on this I forget we are in it as well!
I have been playing tag team with Chris over at the Arts council shoring up some of the details there.
This show has a lot of promise.
And fall will be here before we know it.
I can't tell you where May went and June is slipping by quickly.

As my brother Jay says.


Linda Starr said...

So good to hear Jay is going home today. Best of luck to Mark at Blowing Rock. I love the teapots, especially the one on the right, I really like seeing greenware, something so claylicious about the work in that state.

laura weant avery said...

so glad that jay will be going home...been thinking about you. happy sales this weekend.

Alex Solla said...

So glad to hear that your brother is doing better. Makes my day! And to think that through all of this you're still getting stuff ready for the Blogging show and trying to keep making pots day to day. WOW!

cookingwithgas said...

The teapots are Mark's - he really showed me up on these.
It has been awhile since he has made them.
Alex- keeping busy is what helps me get through the day.
When I worry I clean.
So watch out dirt and dust you are mine.
Thanks again.
Jay should be home soon.

ang said...

hey the teapots are great lovely deco...ooops better send in your images then can't have you not being part of the promo so much going on your clean away!!


Amazing teapots! Mark brought his A-game for sure. :)

Annapants! said...

Wish Tiste wasn't working this weekend or I could bring Mara down to visit Grandma at The Farm and cheer her up!

cookingwithgas said...

Ajay- we look forward to having you all here soon!