Friday, June 11, 2010

Some stamping, flowers and a little love

Sometimes things just take you over.
When Mark was working on teapots the other day he did not like this shape for a teapot and instead it just stayed a jar.
As he was fluting and stamping the jar just took over.
Sometimes it is that old in for a penny in for a pound.
But as you can see the panel in the jar has a lot of detail.
The star pattern is made with a stamp Mark made that does an x first then you turn if slightly, stamp again and you get  one of these* .
That means this jar was stamped about 140 times.............
He was laughing at him self- and yet there is that good old OCD thing that just takes over and since you started well- it just has to be done.

The Magnolia trees are in full swing here.
This is the time of year they really shine and the bees love them.
We have to be quick sometime to catch a customer as they drift over and grab one, close their eyes to smell.
I am always a little horrified that one day a bee will be sucked up a nostril.
We love to pull them back to reality, pick one  for them, shake out the bees and tell them to take and enjoy.
Better for the nose that way.
And speaking of the nose... what would my season be if I did not get some moon flowers going?
I saved seeds from last year and have started them in damp paper towels. I looked today and I have at least 12 sprouted, with a nice root going.
I have been know to wait until the first leaves pop out before I plant.
So, yea, you can expect pictures of moon flowers, again.
I do think I will get these in the ground by Monday. 

Baby Green is growing and a delight to all!
Brother Jay is safely tucked in at home thanks to his wonderful daughter who stayed with him at the hospital, checked him out and drove him home. She is one super kid and I once was along in the car with her and her Dad and just dank in their chatter of life and music.
It warmed me as knowing she was there for him does now.
We had text messages along the route until the last one late last night.
He amd been seen by a home heath nurse and was all tucked in.
Sweet dreams.


Linda Starr said...

Hey, I think a star pattern is just perfect, he he. Love the magnolias and I was wondering if we'd hear about moon flowers this year, they must be something to behold in person. Glad Jay is back home all tucked in. I better start making test tiles for my new kiln.

Patricia Griffin said...

oh, can I relate to that OCD thing! however, my results are not so beautiful! It's more like I'll plan to make a series that is not quite so time intensive and then find myself decorating for hours and hours and hours. The process takes over... Glad your brother is back home.

Laurie said...

A bee up the nostril, eh? I'm glad Jay is home, and Baby Girl is doing well.

ang said...

and a beautiful jar it is, let the stamping take over....V

cookingwithgas said...

Linda- I think of you whenever "star" or "starr" comes in my head!************
PG- i don't think we could all do what we do with out some OCD- and your designs are wonderful!
HI Laurie- come pet my bees!
Ang! Hey!

Peter said...

Firstly, I was so sorry to read that your brother is not well. I can see that you are a loving family, and you will all be hurting at this time. It is so good that Jay's daughter can be with him.

Those Magnolia flowers are wonderful. We have been trying to grow one here, but our place isn't really suitable (not enough rain, wrong soil, too much frost). We did get a flower one year, and it was absolutely beautiful, and had a lemon scent to it that still haunts me!

Love the stamping and fluting on the jar.

Having some thoughts about getting over to the Clay and Blogs show (probably madness for me financially,but....), do you know if many of the other potters will be at the opening? It would be so good to meet up with folk that I have been corresponding with via the blog if I can get over.

Best Wishes to you and kind thoughts, P