Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Seagrove Potters for Peace:Turning Stoneware into Schools

Last year Beth Gore, from Cady ClayWorks, came up with the great idea to have Seagrove Potters make  drinking vessels of some kind.
We would sign them on the bottom.
Seagrove Potters for Peace and the proceeds would then go to the Central Asia Institute (CAI)
This year Mark and I will participate once again.
We are both making a mug.
I have made one of my favorite Tea mugs in our standard size.

Mark is making a his favorite mug, which is a size larger.

We are kind of like Goldilocks with which one is '"just right."

On Saturday, August 14 from 9am to 5pm.
24 potteries will hold a sale of specially signed vessels to help Greg Mortenson build schools in impoverished areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan as a long-term solution to terrorism.
Each pottery will produce a unique item, specially signed for this event.

There will be no early sales, but any remaining items can be ordered by email or telephone on Monday, August 16.  Some potteries will also have copies of Mortenson's books for sale.

 Mortenson's new book, "Stones into Schools", was released in December 2009 and if anything is even more inspiring than his first. The stories of the lives that are changed by CAI are heart-warming. The title inspired our 2010 event, "Turning Stoneware into Schools".

We  are being joined on that weekend by our friend and soap maker Laurie Abela from Abela soaps.
Laurie is creating a special Green Tea soap for this event.
Save the date and plan to come out and shop for this event.
All the participating potters will be selling their signed works at their own galleries.
Be sure and check the list before you head out.


Linda Starr said...

My fav is the upper left. that's a good cause.

Shortstuff said...

I'm in. Reserve a pair for me with the usual funding.

cookingwithgas said...

Okay Leslie! I will put you down.
Well-- I will write your name down I would not put you down!

Shortstuff said...


Mr. Young's Art said...

Is this a continuing yearly event? If so, I may want to get some info on it, and maybe start a local effort here. Let me know please?

Cynthia said...

Great cause! Greg Mortenson visited my daughter's school last year - Denver Center for International Studies. Her Cultural Studies class was selected to have a one on one with him and each student was allowed to ask a question. Her's? What does Yak milk taste like, lol. (not great apparently) We had both read 3 Cups of Tea and I was trying to encourage her to ask smart questions and was ignored, but maybe that's why kids are so much more charming.... Unfortunately, no parents were allowed in school that day for the event. Hope you bring in lots of money with your gorgeous mugs!

cookingwithgas said...

I think that is a great question!
What was the answer?