Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dealing with blueberries

My other job right now is picking, cleaning, and either freezing or figuring out how to eat the fresh blueberries that are coming in right now.
Mark and I have picked over a gallon twice in the last few days and there are more.
First off I have to tell you we had nothing to do with the disappearance of those baby birds.
I swear nothing and if you need us to we will take the lie detector test.....
We left the birds and berries alone for a day or two and when we went back we were very careful to to pick while  keeping clear of the nest. The closer we got, because the best berries were over above the nest, we noticed no big,bad,bulling,birds coming after us.
Let's take a peek in the nest-no babies-they are gone.
Speculation of how they went is still,"up in the air."
Did they fly, this is what I think and hope and they are out on their own looking for bugs and worms.
Making new friends and living the high life

Mark- I bet they became snake food..........nooooooo-let's hope not!

So yesterday with a pot luck looming I wanted to use some of those yummy blueberries.
I was going to use a recipe from a friend but the recipe was on line and with heavy thunderstorms no internet connects were to be had.
Okay what can I do-
There are a few ripe peaches here as well.
I went with an upside down cake.
I used Mark's family recipe with only two small adjustment.
God forbide, I cut the butter.
So here goes.
About 3-4 peaches washed, peeled and sliced thin.
Blueberries about a cup and a half.
Took out my cast iron skillet.
melt half a stick of unsalted butter on the stovetop-preheat oven to 375.
Adjustment two- you would use brown sugar- I used white sugar 3/4 cup with 2 Tbs. mapel syrup and 1 Tbs. molasses.
Melt this with the butter.
Place all the peach slices on top.
Cover with blueberries and top with this sponge cake
Beat 3 eggs
add 1 cup sugar
add 1cup sifted flour, with 1 tsp.baking powder.
add 1tsp.vanilla
Pour over fruit and bake at 375 for 30 to 40 minutes.
Let cool - then run a knife around the eges and trun over onto a plate or platter.
This was good!
I woul love to report on the leftovers but-I slipped on the wet deck last night and the platter hit the deck at the same time I did.
I am sitting on an ice pack today accessing the damage and if a trip to the doctor is on my list tomorrow.


Tracey Broome said...

Yum! and Ouch:) feel better, hope it's nothing serious, just bruises!
I'm laying here drugged on Benadryl for the hundreds of bites I have :(

Kim Hines said...

meredith you're killing me!!! i haven't been reading my blogs lately, i finally get around to reading a few and you're writing about what to do with all the blueberries!! i found some on sale for pretty cheap so i bought some. completely tastless. reminded me of a tasteless plum. yuck. you and your blueberries, i'm so jealous lol. :) (that cake looks fantastic though)

Kim Hines said...

well i finished reading the post, hope you're not hurt. :)

Dan Finnegan said...

That's a sad ending to what started out as a great story. I hope you are OK. I'm up to my neck in blackberries myself!

Linda Starr said...

Home is a dangerous place, keep using the ice pack; I hope you're ok. the upside down looks so wonderful, I can just taste it.

cookingwithgas said...

Tracey drugs are good- i am just trying Ibuprofen today- the blue in my back matches the blueberries!

Kim- i wish i could ship you some of these berries-they are so good this year.
Dan- that is what I was thinking about 2 this morning- the pot luck was loads of fun and there I was to end the night!
Linda I thought about you and your back!
I think I will go see the doctor tomorrow.

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ang said...

ouch its a dangerous thing pie making hope you're ok... :)

Judy Shreve said...

That upside down cake sounds & looks delicious. This has been such a good year for all the fruits & veggies! I'm sorry your evening ended with a bang -- hope it's nothing serious!!

Laurie said...

Sorry to hear about that fall! I hope you'll be good as new soon.