Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Caution: detour ahead

 I went to see the doctor and I have massive, deep bruising on my lower back.
I will be going to have an x-ray done in the next day or so- depends on when they say come.
It is like I was body slammed by the deck and, now, I am loopy.
I have never been a person who could take massive amounts of drugs.
Even ibuprofen makes me loopy.
I am a two beer, two glass of wine girl.
I am the cheap date- unless there is lobster----
So when the doctor said I am prescribing pain pills I thought I might not take them.
Wrong- they do help the pain.
But after just two I am wondering which is worse.
Pain or not being able to think straight or nodding off while sitting or standing still.
I know these are why you take the pain pills so you will rest and do nothing, but I can tell you now
I would be a terrible drug addict.

So my life the next week will be to tackle some of the mounting paper work and
Keep on top of the Clay and Blogs show.
If you are coming- let me know I am looking for rooms for those who are in the show and if there is enough interest I think we could get some discounted rooms in Asheboro.

Fetishghost left a comment on the nibbles I have been posting about the show. He liked the quiet format I was using. I picked this because there I think the blogs and work speak for themselves. They have a better voice then I do about who they are and their work. I do hope you have been reading them and will check back on Friday for more.
One of the reasons I chose this way was after 15 years of working on The North Carolina Potters Conference I was most impressed by a slide presentation done by Clara Couch, know to her friends as Kitty.
Kitty put in her slides, turned off the lights, turned on a tape of some sweet music and carefully went through all her slide, without saying a word. The room was completely quiet of talk and I was mesmerized. When it was over the lights came on, she stopped the music and stood up and said thank you.
Lord, it was so sweet and well done it still pulls at my emotions.
Kitty is no longer with us and I still miss her energy and those beautiful forms.
I think of her often she was so unpretentious.
I have tried to keep that in the back of my head and remember to let the pots and the makers have their own voice.

I just have to share this because even in my loopy state I find this funny- well even if I was not loopy, I should say.
Written on the back of a post card announcing the opening of a play:
"......already sold out, and once word gets around about this delightful romp,seats will be in short supply."

Come again?
what do you mean by that.
Does this mean they will start doubling up and we can sit in each others lap?
If so I will wait I would much rather have a top seat.

With that said I am off, yes I am, to make myself useful.
Mark, meanwhile, bless his pea picking heart, is picking up my "slack".

He cleaned and froze blueberries, made tomato sauce and is doing all the dish washing and picking up that I can't do. You know the drill- you drop every thing when it is not in your power to bend over. And when you do you just stare at it as if you could levitate it off the floor.
Plus, making sure I am okay.
Good man that one is.
Cheers and Peace-

there are good things about july-

and there are still more...........


Linda Starr said...

Oh Gee, I am so sorry this has happened to you, the back affects everything as you know I well know, take it slow and easy and don't let the pain pills allow you to do more than you should, the back is nothing to mess around with. Perhaps you can cut the pain pill in half or something, still get pain relief, but not be so loopy. I like the simple format I will go back and check your links for Kitty, thinking of you and sending healing thoughts your way.

Tracey Broome said...

Yep, you are on drugs! This is more like one of my posts haha! Feel better soon, save some of those pills for one of those days that just calls for one :)
I love Kitty Couch's work, I have a newspaper article on her that I have saved for the longest time, her forms are so beautiful and she seemed like a very kind person. I'm going to dig that article out and read it again, thanks for the reminder.

Judy Shreve said...

Meredith -- poor thing! I'm so sorry you hurt yourself - but yes -- those drugs are supposed to make you slow down! and heal! Sure hope that happens fast. And aren't good husbands wonderful!!

Kari Weaver Hopkins said...

Ouch! Have you ever tried topical arnica for bruising? You can find it at a health food store. The bruise will still show, but it won't hurt as much. I use it whenever I walk into something, which is often.

Sounds like you have time for a good book while you're recovering.

T.Gray said...

Clara Couch's slide show was amazing. The music was by a guy who plays flute in caves and stuff, and was a perfect fit for her vessels. Get well soon.

deanandmartinpottery said...

Hey ya'll hate to hear you are having issues with your back. These things sometimes get better on there own and sometimes they require some intervention. Serious pain requires serious medicine. Hope you get well soon.

cookingwithgas said...

thanks for the thoughts- i am trying to read and find i can get a few pages in between the eye lids closing.
I am awake at 1 am- and on ice-shaken-not stired-I am trying to rest and have x-rays tomorrow.
Time to check the eye lids for holes.

littlewrenpottery.co.uk said...

I hope you feel better soon, I don't like taking painkillers myself I only take them if I really need to. Hope your paperwork is over quickly I hate doing that sort of thing!

Patricia Griffin said...

Sending healing thoughts your way and hope the X-rays just show that you're on the mend.

Anonymous said...

first off, i hope you heal quickly... although i was no stranger to occasional drugs in college, i too would make a terrible drug addict, especially with ones that make you loopy and can't think straight. the postcard reminds me of an old joke where the dunce on the 4 engine plane gradually panics as one by one 3 of the 4 engines die while flying and each time the pilot announces another delay due to another engine dying, to which he says... "if another engine dies, we'll be up here all day". love home grown tomatoes... get well soon.

Tracey Broome said...

Holes in your eyelids, sure you aren't taking acid? haha!!


Oh boy!
We need you healthy.
I herniated 2 discs last summer and after my 9 year old scraped me off the floor I eventually got to get some acupuncture and may I just say... It REALLY helped. I was shocked.
Just be careful... Try and read the new issue of Studio Potter... ITS so great! INCLUDING Hollis's article!

Peter said...

Hi Meredith,
So sorry to read that you are having such bad back problems, it sounds awful and I hope that things improve really soon.
It is really horrid that the pain medications play such havoc too. Grrrrrr!
Lots of sympathetic thoughts from over here, P

Laurie said...

It's good to see that even after all you've been through, you've still got your sense of humor. Wishing you a good X-ray report and speedy healing.