Sunday, August 22, 2010

And we are going live

The Arts Council of Moore County has just updated their site and changed their web address.

For those of you in the Clay and Blogs show you might want to update your links.
But better then that is the online element for the Clay and Blogs show is now up.
Chris Dunn has put many hours into getting our page of potters up along with the Gallery page.
He had a goal of September 1st  but we are live as of friday.
( I was out of it from a procedure done with some pretty decent drugs.. thus you are just getting the information.)
If you are part of the show he can still add you into the gallery.
Send him the information or email me if you have any questions.
Here we are live:
Clay and Blogs: Telling a Story
and the Gallery page
I find it hard to believe we are into the late part of August and September will soon be here.
I have enjoyed the potters who I stated this show with and even more I have enjoyed getting to know many potters I might have never met through this show.
I hope you will all take a look through the list and the gallery.

and because a person should not behind the wheel while said drugs are wearing off I did make some trays.


Trish said...

Meredith..Thanks for checking into my blog. appreciate the comments ;).
Lovely tray! Good call while on the recoup drugs to do some slab work instead of wheel work :)..
Have a super evening...dull, overcast and misty rain falling in our part of Alberta today...
Cheers. Trish

Linda Starr said...

Hi Meredith, I'll check out the live portion, nice tray, do you use a mold for your trays? Oh I was supposed to remind you to give me that attachment recipe. One of my appendages fell off of my butterscotch slipped piece and it's been drying for two days wonder if I can get it to go back on?

cookingwithgas said...

Hi Trish and Linda- Yes i use a wooden mold to drape my slab over. I had about a dozen but most were lost in the fire- I think I have 4 now.