Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A cold one and.....

First off- when Tracey was here last weekend she did not come empty handed. ( she is southern you know, we can't go without a gift even if we are doing you a favor!)
She wanted us to take this to Blowing Rock with us and enjoy and instead we stuck it in the fridge and enjoyed it last night with the help of friends.
Oh, my it was a very good beer.
Very crisp and oh- so- tasty- it really hit the spot.
So thanks Tracey!

Now, while I have your attention, a few folks have said why aren't you sharing pictures of the grand baby?
So could you stand a few?
I mean she is pretty darn cute and getting bigger every day-( her mother keeps feeding her!)
So here are a few that melt my heart.
It really makes my day to get the daily pictures of her.
When I have a down day I just look at them all- but I want make you do that.

At work with Mom today- she loves to play on the floor and hang out at the office.
See she is pretty darn cute.


Tracey Broome said...

Little girls are just THE BEST! That one is adorable! Did Anna tell you that we spoke on the phone while I was there? Forgot to tell you. I think I may have to get down to Pittsboro for one of those growlers myself! Looks good, enjoy! (yes, my mom raised me to take a gift when you go)

Linda Starr said...

She's so cute and she gets to go to work with mom too, now that is cool.

Kari Weaver Hopkins said...

She's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

tracey's right, little girls are the best. what a cutie grandma. i'd like to get a hold a big jug of carolina brew too.

cookingwithgas said...

some days babies are way more fun then pots!
Hey Tracey did not know you talked to my girl!