Tuesday, August 17, 2010

swimming with the fishes

The challenge- make a large hand built fish bowl to go on a ledge in the kitchen of the Safari house.
This bowl will be the home for some small fish that will be swimming around.

Mark took over this project while I was laid up with the back.
It it a pretty good size bowl with rooms for the fish to move around in- in and out, in and out, what's in here a small space you can only go in and hide...

 Yesterday I unloaded the last of the large tiles for this back splash. I have them safely boxed away while I move into the last stage of the border tiles.

When I get the border tiles made and through the first fire I plan to put up the sheet of plywood in the studio for glazing. When I do I will get some pictures.
I have laid out sections, but I don't have a space large enough for the whole lot at one time.
I would love to have them out just to see the whole thing all at one time- but I think it would be a pain to walk around right now.
I thought I could finish the all the tiles by the end of this month, but I am thinking it will be mid- September.

Meanwhile this big fish bowl is under wraps drying very slowly.

We are still enjoying the delude of butterflies - I wonder why this has been such a prolific year for them?

Does anyone know?



Michael Mahan said...

If I were a fish, and I had to swim around in a bowl, I think I'd enjoy this one.

Linda Starr said...

Hey that's a cool idea a table top fish bowl. Will they have a place to hide in there? I know my fish pond that was in the bathtub, if I walked up and startled them they would hide in some rocks I put in there.

cookingwithgas said...

Hi Linda- there will be places to hide- we all need those don't we.

Marsha Neal Studio (Marsha's Garden Blog, Marsha Minutella) said...

I was wondering the same thing about the butterflies this year. My garden seems to be a bit early with everything by a few weeks, and maybe that is helping out with the different larval stages. Just my theory though…

Just found your blog through Linda Starr via Beads-of-Clay blog… Can't wait to peek around a bit! Just wanted to post a quick Hello!