Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday nibbles -Clay and Blogs:Telling a Story

Bruce Gholson
Samantha Henneke

Christy Cole

Joe Cole

Today's nibbles are two couples who are in the show Clay and Blogs.
I have found that each person has their own voice on the blog.
With Bulldog Samantha is the key person with input from Bruce.
With Joe and Christy they both write about what is going on in their lives.
So here you go- sit back pour your choice of beverage and enjoy.
It's still hot and muggy here- go cold!

On another note- I went to PT yesterday for my back and all I can say is- it was a good thing! I go back twice next week and I hope to see quick improvement.
Sigh- can you be in love with your PT guy this fast?
It was well worth the time and maybe a post on the machines I was put in and through yesterday......


Linda Starr said...

wow, more beauties. have a great weekend.

laura weant avery said...

so glad the pt is helping...yea!

cindy shake said...

...I've already started shopping!!

Hollis Engley said...

Looks good, Meredith. This is going to be a hell of a show. And party. And I'm glad to hear PT is helping you. Too bad Dee can't get down there for a massage session.

Anonymous said...

lovely work meredith... i am always amazed at bruce's pieces. sounds like you're on the mend. my injury is proving to be stubborn

carole epp said...

such gorgeous works!